BREAKING: Plan Launched To Get “4 More Years” Of Obama

While we can’t wait for 2016 to arrive, Democrats want to extend Obama’s office 4 more years…NOTHING COULD BE WORSE!
Obama went to the Congressional baseball game at the Nationals Stadium.
As he chatted with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, a crowd of liberals erupted into a single cheer. “Four more years, four more years,” they shouted, as Obama walked on the field.
HOW STRANGE…Why would they be chanting for more years if Obama really has no chance of remaining in office?
This suspicious confirms what Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News. Carson went so far as to say that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if the election didn’t happen and Obama remained in office.
I know it sounds strange and impossible but remember who we are dealing with here.
What do you think about this? Is this America’s worst nightmare?

6 responses to “BREAKING: Plan Launched To Get “4 More Years” Of Obama

  1. No, this is not America’s worst nightmare. America’s worst nightmare is electing a Republican majority in the House and Senate and then having those Republican’s be turncoats. The trade deal they have just authorized is the worst nightmare for America because it cannot be undone. As a nation we are doomed! Congress just sold the America’s out to a copycat of the EU. Our laws, our sovereignty and our Constitution are no longer valid. Rememer obama has said for years that he did not like the Constitution because it stood in his way. Yes, I do think Obama will be in office beyond 2016.

  2. Very ugly future for us all

  3. Didn’t you know?
    Ayatollahs don’t have term limits……
    …. they have to be deposed.

  4. I’ve had a bad feeling for months that O will cause civil unrest so that he’ll have to implement martial law and cancel the election. He loves the power too much. But even if not, what hope have we that anything will change, when Hillary is the darling of the media? America seems to be under a curse which prevents decent leaders from emerging. The powers that be will not allow it.

  5. I really believe God’s Hand of blessing lifted long ago from the United States, we now have what we deserve because we’ve allowed God to be kicked out of everything in America.

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