Breaking News!!! Trump To Sign “Loyalty Agreement” With GOP

Get it while it's hot.

Get it while it’s hot.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump will sign GOP loyalty pledge

The Donald made the stunning decision to avoid complications in getting listed on primary ballots.

09/03/15, 09:47 AM EDT

A close associate tells POLITICO that Donald Trump plans to sign a loyalty pledge Thursday that would bind him to endorse the Republican nominee, and would preclude a third-party run. Trump made the stunning decision, which he has long resisted, to avoid complications in getting listed on primary ballots, and to take away an attack line in the next debate, the associate said.

Trump, who has led the GOP field in poll after poll, has long viewed the threat of a third-party candidacy as priceless leverage – and even used that word when he refused to take such a pledge in the first debate, on Aug. 6.

So his decision to give it up is a sign that he increasingly wants to show his campaign is real and not a stunt. The colorful magnate is also trying to make that point by adding staff in key states, issuing position papers, and pursuing access to primary ballots throughout the country.

Trump is certainly unpredictable, and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski would not confirm the plan. “I don’t think you can ‘expect’ ANYTHING from Mr. Trump,” Lewandowski said in a phone interview.

But the close associate said Trump has decided to give the completed pledge to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus during a meeting at Trump Tower shortly after 1 p.m. today. Trump is scheduled to hold a news conference on an unspecified topic at 2 p.m.

“The rationale is that they have treated him fairly,” the associate said, echoing the criterion Trump has long given for taking a party pledge. “He’s willing to sign it to avert any problems with is state filings – South Carolina asked for a pledge to support the nominee if you’re on the ballot.

“He’s been treated fairly, like any candidate. … And it takes away a line of attack for debates.”

Priebus will be accompanied by RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer, who has been closely involved in the negotiations.

The meeting has been delicately choreographed. The RNC waited to circulate the pledge until it looked like Trump was on board, and Priebus would not go to Trump’s turf if he thought there was a chance he could be embarrassed.

A top Republican source further explained Trump’s logic: He thinks he could very well be the nominee. And with the pledge in place, the other candidates would have to support him.

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8 responses to “Breaking News!!! Trump To Sign “Loyalty Agreement” With GOP

  1. Is this news?
    I do not like the idea of it but it’s his campaign to run. He done pretty well in his life without my input.

    Think I’ll wait to install my Trump bumper stickers.
    Another distraction while they sign the death warrant for Israel today.

  2. I hate to see him back down on this but then I am quite sure Mr. Trump had excellant legal advice and it does make sense as to why he would do it. Just hope the RINO’s realize that it could backfire on them. Things will be very interesting the next few months. Unless of course Jesus decides to return and then it will all be wiped off the face of the earth and a New Heaven and New Earth will appear. May he come quickly.

  3. Ma, it could backfire, because now they will have to support him. 🙂

  4. he is a zionist and his daughter just converted and married a jew

    • You don’t even know the Biblical meaning of Zionist, do you? Not only that, you curse yourself just as God said. Gen 12:1-3, As well, Hitler was not half Jewish, you obviously believe all the BS from other anti-Semites. You’re not welcome on this website because you’re a fool. And we don’t suffer fools lightly. Be gone.

      • CZ, I totally understand your frustration with ojr regarding Zionism, Jews, etc. I have my own frustrations about other issues. Don’t be to hard on them, they only know what they have been told via MSM, the Church and their social environment. I would be the same way except my father hated Jews and Zionism with a passion. My sister — may she rest in peace — and I had many many conversations about our father’s hatred. It set us, when she was still living, and now me on a course of study to truely understand how Jesus could be a Jew and also be killed by Jews, and all that entails. This whole issue has been one of the biggest farces to ever be perpetuated onto the people of the world. Our Bible study leader and I go around and around about this very issue. He is beginning to see the light.

  5. ojr, So what’s your point? Oh I get it.
    You’re a “Blame it all on the Jews” Kind of guy. Yup all 14 million of them run the world.
    Keep you up at night? Get a hobby. Maybe origami . You’re a putz. 🙂

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