Black Pastors Push for Civil Disobedience Against Gay Marriage Ruling

The Reverend Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) spoke to Newsmax over the weekend about the recent Supreme Court ruling on sodomy-based “marriage,” and what he had to say might surprise some folks.
The Reverend Owens is calling on American Christians to oppose the court’s decision using civil disobedience, saying that sometimes “you do something to get arrested to call attention to the injustice.”
“I was in the civil rights movement, so I know how to do it. When we sat at the counters at restaurants, we knew we were going to be arrested. You do things to get arrested, to call attention to it. So many people were silent. The church people were absolutely silent on this issue. A few leaders spoke out, but the masses of the church people were silent.”
The Reverend Owens added that he believed many people were unwilling to speak out against the President because “The whites didn’t want to come out against Obama since he endorsed it so strongly and they didn’t want to be called bigots — and the blacks didn’t want to say they were betraying a black man. I came out very powerfully against Mr. Obama when he stood for same-sex marriage.”
“I absolutely would not do a gay marriage. Absolutely. I think of our children. What it’s going to do to our children. What kind of world are they going to grow up in? I’ve said for two years that we’re going to have to have civil disobedience. They were very cunning in the way they did it,” Reverend Owens said speaking about LGBT activists.
“Since I was in the civil rights movement, I know that if the people come together in force, things will happen. How they will happen, I don’t know. The homosexual community has not shown all of what it’s going to do,” the Reverend said. He then mentioned a 2013 California law that forces public schools to allow boys and girls to use whatever restroom they choose. “They have a game plan that, now that the Supreme Court has ruled, will take this country down a very immoral path,” Owens said.
Reverend Owens continued by arguing again that civil disobedience is the only way to respond to the court’s decision to force sodomy-based “marriage” on us.
“It’s going to be much harder, because we’re going to have to go from state to state. It’s going to be hard to do, but it can be done. Remember, blacks worked for 300 years for civil rights in the courts. Three-hundred long years. It’s not something that we’re going to win overnight. There is no quick fix, but I think now the church will rise up. All the Christian churches in the United States that believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, they need to rise up. We’re asking people to rise up and be ready to go to jail. Why go to jail? To let it be known that we will not bow down, we will not give up, whatever the costs. It’s the new civil rights movement, because they are taking away our rights. They are taking away the Christian’s rights. This is just a start. We have nothing against homosexuals, but when you start talking about marriage, and then indoctrinating children, where are we going? Where is this society headed?”
Tough talk from Reverend Owens, but he may very well be right. Civil disobedience may be the only way that we can show the sincerity and strength of our resolve. It remains important to remember that we are protesting being relegated to second class citizenship and being forced to participate in activities that we find morally repugnant.
One reason that I have argued for the privatization of marriage (or for the government to get out of the business of marriage) is because I didn’t think that we could stop sodomite couples from holding commitment ceremonies (or weddings). By getting the state involved, we ourselves were risking being forced into being involved in these activities, which is what’s happening now. If the state were uninvolved, we could simply refuse to participate on religious grounds, and that would (probably) be the end of the story. But all of that is moot now as the Supreme Court has seen fit to act as royal master forcing us to bow and scrape before them on the sodomy-based “marriage” issue.
To that end we may indeed be forced to run afoul of the law in the not so distant future. Are we ready to do that?

4 responses to “Black Pastors Push for Civil Disobedience Against Gay Marriage Ruling

  1. If a “Law”
    (1)goes against Constitutional standards
    (2)goes against a person’s freedom of Religion
    (3)goes against what is known to be right and healthy for the Country
    Wouldn’t THAT qualify as grounds for Nullification? What would be the process for Nullification of a bad law? Is there paperwork to file,do we have to get a Congressman to introduce a Bill calling for it,or can we just refuse to comply and state our reasons?
    Secondarily,is there a possibility this issue could lead to a charge of Treason by this Country’s alleged president? Maybe,if added to his OTHER violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Finally,I’m calling for an Attorney,or Attorneys,willing to take on these important issues against the perpetrators of these crimes against America,in exchange for becoming a National Hero.

    • I’ll get Publius Huldah to write something about this.

    • Publius Huldah

      Our Framers said that when the federal government exercises powers not delegated to it in the Constitution – i.e. when it usurps power – the remedy is Nullification. That is proved here:
      States can’t nullify an Act of Congress, or an Executive Order of the President, or an opinion of the supreme Court, or a Treaty merely because it goes against what one believes to be right and healthy or because it goes against one’s religion.
      Before States may properly nullify any such act, the Act or Order or Opinion or Treaty must NOT BE AUTHORIZED BY THE CONSTITUTION.
      E.g, Where does our Constitution authorize the federal government to regulate firearms dealers, firearms, ammunition, and do background checks? Cite Article, Section, and clause. Can’t find it? That’s because it isn’t there – the federal government has no authority to regulate these things. Therefore, when they do it anyway, their acts are unlawful and unconstitutional and are proper objects of nullification.
      The best way for a State to nullify an unconstitutional act of any of the 3 branches of our federal government is to pass a Resolution or law announcing that they will not comply and will direct the people in their States to refuse to comply with the unconstitutional federal law.
      When you read the linked paper, note what James Madison says in Federalist No. 46 about how States can go about REFUSING TO COMPLY with unconstitutional acts of the federal government.
      Watch the short video under this heading: “Arizona vs Obamacare: First Step to Nullify the ACA Goes into Effect this Week” – it shows how the State of Arizona is nullifying obamacare: WE WON’T COMPLY!
      And here is the Arizona Law which nullifies obamacare:
      It’s excellent and short.
      If you will study and ponder the above references, you will then know more about nullification than 99.9 % of the American people.

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