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Russiagate in 3 minutes

This Will Shock You! What I Witnessed On The Border.

retired marine, law enforcement officer.

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Russian 'Witness" told Mueller Investigation the Pee-Pee Tape Was Not Real

3 minutes ~~

Report: Philosophy Professor Arrested After Entering St. Patrick’s Cathedral with Gas, Lighters

Fox News = Mocking Bird Media ~ Watch!

Can You Stand the Truth? Spend an hour with the Non Fake News. We The People Insider 1776

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Ingraham on Dems furious over Trump's sanctuary city proposal

Tucker: Trump calls Democrats' bluff on illegal immigrants

Human Trafficking Arrests ~ 1,986 Arrest Events

As of 04/13/2019 And Growing!

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Maxine Waters Finance ~ Humor?

HR 5 – Equality Act An Extreme Threat ~ God Help Us.

The Beings Behind This “Equality Act”  Are Dangerous. They Will Stop At NOTHING. They Must Be Brought To Heel….  FR