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– “Grubbered” AGAIN—
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The sneaky “little” Obamacare fee that’s costing you BIG cash

It’s that scary time of year again, when the monsters and ghouls come out.
No, I’m not talking about Halloween.
I’m talking about Obamacare!
Reenrollment season is just around the corner, and that means another round of sticker shock as Americans find their premiums going up AGAIN.
It’s all tricks and no treats, and the biggest trick of all is hidden in the fine print. It’s those deductibles that keep rising — and a damning new analysis finds they’re not just going up a little bit at a time.
They’re jumping at nearly SEVEN TIMES the rate of salaries.
Before Obamacare, less than half of Americans paid deductibles, with the average fee running at $900 in 2009.
Since then — since the UN-Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010 — the average deductible has risen to $1,300.
That’s a jump of 67 percent, and those are the lucky ones. Americans who work for small businesses (the MAJORITY of Americans) are paying an average of $1,800 in deductibles a year, and one in five have deductibles of $2,000 or higher.
If healthcare gets any more “affordable,” we’ll all be bankrupt!
Many Americans now have coverage in name only as a result. They’re so broke from paying their premiums that they can’t actually afford to pay their deductibles, so they just don’t go to the doctor.
Even the New York Times — once Obamacare’s biggest cheerleader – told the story of a woman who had been treated for brain cancer who didn’t get an MRI for her follow-up because she couldn’t pay the deductible.
That’s not healthcare. That’s a SCAM, plain and simple, and millions of hard-working Americans have been conned into paying more and getting less in return.
With a presidential election just 13 months away, it’s time to keep up the pressure like never before and make sure this is the NUMBER ONE issue on the campaign trail… and not just in the race for the White House.
Every single seat in the House will be up for grabs — so make sure whoever’s running in your local district has his priorities straight no matter what party he represents.
Putting Obamacare on life support,
Jack Harrison

One response to “Another "Gotcha"

  1. I know my comments may sound cruel, but reality is reality. Americans have been spoon fed the lie that if we want medical care and/or drugs then it is our right to have that regardless of cost or need. With insurcance companies and the taxpayers, through Medicare/Medicaid, paying the bills, medical costs have skyrocked. Thus giving the rise to gov’t healthcare via Obamacare. Or put another way, the powers that be instituted a crises by raising healthcare costs (have you ever wondered why there is a shortage of doctors?) — got the people worked up about it — so those same powers to be could step in and institute gov’t controlled healthcare.
    I am way more familiar with the healthcare system than I ever dreamed to be or ever wanted to be! I can tell numerous stories of where healthcare costs were padded simply because the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing. For example, one time when my mother had same day surgery and she was in recovery, everything going fine, a nurse came in to change her IV. I said, well I think she is going home in just a few minutes and the nurses reply was, I am here, I will change the IV because it is almost out, etc. It was not more than five minutes later that the doctor came in and dismissed my mother. The new IV bag dumped in the trash as we walked out.
    Yes, healthcare costs are going up. Obamacare is not the answer. However, what better way to control the population than to scare them to death that they will not have access to medical care and prescription drugs. I know people who will pay any amount and go through any amount of pain and suffering just to live another few days or another month. I also know people who just want the pain killers to make them comfortable so they may slip off into eternity comfortablely and peacefully. I am the later. My husband is the former. I firmly believe that God Almighty and his Son, Jesus Christ, did not intend for us humans to spend our last days spending huge sums of money, breaking families financially and splitting families apart, just live a few more days. I think God intented us to spend that time in peace and quiet and prayer, worshiping him and saying our goodbyes.
    If you know beyond any doubt where you will spend eternity, there are much worse things than death. May the Lord have mercy.

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