A letter to America: WWG1WGA

God bless them is right…

13 responses to “A letter to America: WWG1WGA

  1. Freedom Rider

    Great post. I read this on the Reddit 8 Chan.. Board while checking for new Qanon posts. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Freedom Rider

    Been a follower since the first posts (first on 4 chan. then switched to 8 Chan)… Brain Food!

  3. I don’t trust it, think it’s phony

  4. wow, a fantastic uplifting letter this is by a man who doesn’t even live in America! I wish there were more like him here who would certainly fight along with we patriots against all those who are hell bent on destroying Donald Trump and our country. They can see what’s really happening here but all too many American citizens are blind to all of it because of being indoctrinated and dumbed down throughout the past decades.

  5. Freedom Rider

    CZ ~Lot of people think that. I think it is real info from inside sources. We will see. Time will tell. But for now I am MAGA and WWG1WGA, in that order.
    I can also understand your skepticism. It takes a lot of time deciphering some posts but I find it worthwhile.
    Blessings to you and L.

  6. What about Jerome, he does the best he can…but he too makes mistakes…I still like him

    • Freedom Rider

      I can’t argue with that last statement. Some people make large mistakes, and don’t forget he is joined at the hip with Alex Jones.

  7. I am not a Jones fan, but I like several of the people he has on his show, I just have a hard time listening to Alex, I don’t trust him, too sensationalist and just grinds me with his interruptions of great guests.

    • Freedom Rider

      Agreed. A ‘guest” should be treated like one. I have subbed to Jones for years but I am not re-upping this Oct. He has become too obstreperous and bullying. A caller once asked him on air to tone down a little and he said it was his show and he would run it any way he wanted… True enough but smart-assed answer and uncalled for. I’ve basically been through with AJ for several months except for picking up stories he passes along on his news site.

  8. It’s unfortunate, but he’s a narcissist and so self-aggrandizing that I can’t stand it. I have friends who listen to him, or did until he was ousted from youtube. I don’t know how Roger Stone puts up with him.

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