Why Christ?

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Why do we put our faith in Christ and his sacrifice for our sins on the cross? (Courtesy to my pastor for sharing great evidence)

– 500 eye witnesses saw him after he was declared dead by Rome
– his 11 disciples went from devastated that their leader had been killed to fearlessly proclaiming the gospel to the entire world despite it resulting in their martyrdom
-As a result there are nearly 2 billion Christians in the world and counting
-As a result the Bible is the number one book of all time
– Jesus’ death by crucifixion was predicted in the books of Psalms and Isaiah hundreds of years before crucifixion was even invented!
– All Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in the Gospels

The Lord sent His Son to endure the worst death on earth so that we do not have to endure a much worse eternal death…

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One response to “Why Christ?

  1. Have just watched the film Risen with Joseph Fiennes. Worth a watch for portraying how the most cruellest of people can realize and be transformed by the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. In the film Clavius, played by Fiennes has one desire – to see the end of death.

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