Check Out The Denver Airport. Much To See. 25 Photos.

Read the captions carefully. This is to be our future.  This is surely our fate if we as One Nation Under God (The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob) do not Wake Up Now.  The Appointed Time is upon us. But it is not too late. Pray for our president. Pray for our country. Pray as if  your life and the lives of your loved ones depend upon it. Put on the “Whole Armour of God” for we wrestle not against flesh and blood!

Freedom Rider … Where We Go One We Go All!

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One response to “Check Out The Denver Airport. Much To See. 25 Photos.

  1. Most of these photos certainly are devilishly frightening.. It seems that for some time, the “elites,’. the ‘Illuminati, whatever you might call them, show events to come, .even in the movies such as, the destruction of the Twin Towers in NY.. I believe the wicked ones enjoy doing it; they’re having a little fun knowing most won’t even see a thing right in front of the faces of those who have no discernment.. The plans of the godless ones to destroy America have been in place for well over a century and the only way to stop it is that the people pray fervently for this country and its people which was set up under God by Godly men. . obviously, we are living in the end times, and it seems that the end times of the end might come upon us soon


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