Pope Francis-“Christians Must Reject Sovereignty-Embrace Globalism”

by Rev. Austin Miles

The Vatican—1/6/19-Pope Francis just stated clearly that Christians must reject Sovereignty and embrace Globalism in order to make the world a better place.  WHAT?? 

That sentence is actually saying that Christians must reject Democracy and embrace Globalism-meaning-Communism. Read that statement again.

Pope Francis identified himself as a Communist when he first addressed the public following his inauguration as Pope. It was never a secret, especially since he came from Argentina, a Communist country.

This writer who keeps close tabs on The Vatican and Washington, D.C.    watched in astonishment as the new prelate was brought on the floor, having never heard of him, saw him, nor witnessed any activities he exercised as a Cardinal.  He obviously had been virtually kept out of sight until this Divine Appointment orchestrated by George Soros.

We knew that George Soros had bought his way into the Vatican where he manipulated the Catholic Church from behind the scenes. That is where all confusion regarding that religious group began. But first, let’s begin at the beginning.

To receive blessings from God and to be able to fully serve God is based totally upon the holiness of the people approaching God’s Throne. The word ‘Holiness” is a Biblical term which is better translated as righteous living i.e. Living according to God’s Word, being honest, and exhibiting integrity at all times.

I have known many Holy priests during my lifetime, read the books of others, and I met one pope, Pope John V1 during an audience with him at the Vatican on World Communications Day where he gave me a small gold neck chain with pendant of his image which I still wear.

The reason for my invitation was that I was one of the first to have a religious program broadcast over the satellite reaching the entire world.  He was such a man of God that I could feel the anointing upon him even a few feet away.

George Soros got his grip on the Vatican and Catholic decisions. Someone in the hierarchy had given in to him. Most men have a price. Then the scandal of active homosexual priests began making headlines and causing division in the Catholic Church. And Soros made certain that this made international headlines since he controls most of the media.

What made matters worse, the Catholic Church began accepting obvious homosexuals in the seminaries, which they should NEVER have done. Common sense would have dictated that.  Altar Boys and Boys Choirs became the perverted playground for these sick ‘priests.’

The Catholic Priesthood would of course, appeal to homosexuals since they could wear costumes and capes while working in elegant surroundings with a lot of pomp and ceremonies while showing power. It is a constant living drama.

I personally doubt that any in the original Catholic hierarchy would have allowed sodomites to become priests or even to attend Catholic Seminary. This could only have been orchestrated by George Soros and his money. This would weaken the church and its congregations. And that was the point.

The church was the strength of many people who would be a threat to Communists. The ‘party’ could never enslave the minds of truly Christian people. This is why Soros and his cohort Democrats declared war on the church itself.

This entire story is exceedingly painful to write since I once considered becoming a Catholic Priest before becoming a Protestant minister and chaplain.

When the church lost its holiness, problems began to arise reaching a crescendo when an unknown, named Jorge Mario Bergoglio was positioned in the Vatican as Pope Francis. The inauguration ceremony introduced the new “Pope” who said that the first thing he was going to do was…now get this…“Re-distribute the wealth!” That is right out of the Book of Marx.

Then the following week he did a sermon in which he declared that “all rich people are going to hell.”  A wealthy woman in Pittsburgh called me frantically after hearing that, almost crying, saying to me, “I’ve worked hard and have a lot of money as a result, but this means that I’m going to hell like the pope said? I don’t want to go to hell!”

The Catholic Church for centuries was the epitome of strength and leadership. People followed the church leaders and generously supported the church to the extent that they had their own bank in Rome. It did not take too long for the bank to come under investigation because of misuse of funds, in other words, embezzlement. The sin had already begun.

Sex was always a problem going back to when priests and nuns were shacking up, resulting in pregnancies, abortions with the dead babies secretly buried behind various church buildings. I remember as a child hearing about this and being shown where they were buried. A lot of people knew about this. So why did they not rise up in righteous anger to put a stop to this?

Now, sin has totally taken over the church by the LGBTQ, meaning those who spend their lives in pursuit of the most sinful and health risking sexual practices, all which is an abomination to God.

How on earth could these wretches put on their collars each morning. Still, it is to be noted that sodomites have no conscious. The priests are not only to be holy in their own character but an effective teacher of God and the Bible.

How on earth can anyone stand as an authority on God and the Bible while living in the most filthy sin ever and not even thinking of the confession he is hearing, but thinking ahead to his next sodomite encounter?

As sin spread throughout the church, with an outraged nation reading the headlines, the weakening began. The church lost prestige and its authority. It began losing people, the Vatican lost enormous amounts of money due to lawsuits by victims of church rape.

Yes, rape. An authority figure who forces someone under his authority into sex, is a criminal and should be put in prison. I know what that is. A cub scout master named John Brockdorf violently sexualized me when I was 11 years old.

Churches have been closed due to financial collapse due to the lawsuits that could absolutely have been prevented by truly Holy Priests.  And these results have made George Soros proud. Mission Accomplished.

Only a Holy Church and a Holy priest, minister, chaplain can make the world a better place instead of the garbage can it has become. Preachers must preach the Gospel, preach against sin of all kinds, even those sins which cannot be considered great.

Sin is sin and even the slightest is a stain upon the person, the church they attend and friends and neighbors in the community. It affects all.

Preachers, take some quiet time in your study with no interruptions to think clearly about the vows you took before ordination in which you pledged a lifetime of service to God.

That service means constant prayer, study of Scriptures, and preaching a message that glories God and condemns Satan and the sinners he has corrupted. We are to be a representative of God wherever we go.

You are to be above all else, not ‘just a good ole boy who is just like one of us.’  We are supposed to be separate from the world (their passions and entertainment), yet part of the world in order to carry an aura of peace and God’s love into any situation encountered.

And to always be polite and courteous, to always keep your word, let integrity be with you during every step of the journey, and if ever you are given too much change, return that overage immediately, or, if discovered when you get home, drive back and return it.

We are to live the Gospel at all times. People should never hesitate or be afraid to approach you. We are to exhibit ourselves as Servants of God at all times.

Preachers, it is all up to you. MAN YOUR PULPITS!

10 responses to “Pope Francis-“Christians Must Reject Sovereignty-Embrace Globalism”

  1. What an awesome article. Thank you so much for sharing this Christian Zionists. I knew the Catholic Church had changed, tremendously changed, I had no idea why or how. As some believe, the current Pope could easily be the False Prophet.

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  3. When i was about 14 yrs old, I helped a 16 year old girl study for a test from her Catechism book,about that religion in her catholic school. I knew back then, there was something off about those teachings. Not until later in my studying the Bible i found scripture stating that there would be a time when some would “follow their own doctrines and traditions” rather than the Bible. I’ve read up on them, God was right of course, that religion does those things. I hate that the pope is called the holy father, and the priests are called father as well.
    ‘Thou shalt not..call any man on earth Father, for there is only one Father and He is in heaven.” The pope is worshiped, kneeled down to and is called God’s Representative on earth,.. which God certainly doesn’t need. Also, they worship and pray to Mary, they still call her the virgin Mary even though she had other children since then. She was to be remembered only as blessed amongst women, and she knew she was a sinner, she called her baby Jesus while still in her womb, “My God and my Savior.”
    Catholics also pray to the dead men whom they chose to be saints.
    “Do not pray in repetition as the heathen do”, but the Rosary, praying to Mary who is dead,, repeats the same thing over and over again
    The people confess to a priest and he gives penance for their sin, but if one earnestly asks our Father for forgiveness, we believers pay no penance, We know that Jesus already paid that price.
    I never liked religions and I thank God I was not brought up in one, I learn only from the Bible. the whole word of God.

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  4. According to the book, Constantine’s Sword, the church was never holy. Constantine created the offices of pope and the bishops, in order to spread his power over the world. Popes and bishops were used to control people, out of fear of hell preached by the priests, plus the fear of the sword wielded by the crusaders. His scheme worked well, as his empire spread across Europe and the Mediterranean. With such a foundation, the Church was destined to fall.

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  5. yep Cathy, quite a scheme it was. One thing I forgot to add is that the Bible speaks about some not allowed to marry which obviously is wrong wrong wrong. So, some decide to accost children instead..easy game..


    • Give the quote, context is important…I believe I know it, but I would NEVER call God’s Word wrong


    • Amen. God’s word cannot ever be wrong, I have to look for it, It was stated next to the scripture which spoke about men using their own doctrines and traditions. It meant that because of a religion, men would not be allowed to marry,. And that’s Catholicism for ya. Gee, just noticed this ism..I told my kids to watch out for the isims.

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  6. Bobbie, if you’re going to quote scripture, you must always quote the exact verse and then look at the total context. Put your quote into a search engine. I can tell you right now that it does not apply to Catholicism and you are wrong. Look at 1 Corinthians…read the entire context.


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