VIDEO~FUKUSHIMA Update 2018 (IT’S ALL DEAD!)~And Dying…

FUKUSHIMA Update 2018 (IT’S ALL DEAD!) | WatchmanReview

2 responses to “VIDEO~FUKUSHIMA Update 2018 (IT’S ALL DEAD!)~And Dying…

  1. williamjamesward

    The crabbing season should be in full swing at the Oregon coast but it is sadly
    not happening. A recent trip to what should have been a plentiful time of
    year catch at the coast resulted in zilch……………William

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  2. So all this time, the leftists were worrying and wringing their hands over the poor polar bears that might die from the “global warming” farce, when the reality was much worse, due to the Fukushima disaster. I did research to find out about the Alaska salmon, but wasn’t able to find anything about whether or not they were affected. I did find that the water currents went westward toward California waters, but Alaska is to the northwest. Still have not been able to find the canned Alaska Wild Caught Salmon I used to get.


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