Dem Women Pose Nude for Votes

by Rev. Austin Miles

You read the headline correctly. A new ad for the purpose of gaining Democrat votes feature…now brace yourselves…nude photos of Democrat women!

Our first reaction was, is Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein in the photos? The news item states that the “ladies” are going nude to protest GOP with a caption with slight variation, “Grab’em by the Ballot.” Nice.

The purpose, according to news releases, is to urge people to vote against Republicans this Tuesday. Ten women are in the photo to convince people to cast their ballots for Democrats instead of Republicans. Yep, that’ll do it every time.

If you remember, it was proved that the appeal of Democrat women was so powerful and irresistible that these were the only women that Judge Kavanaugh could not control himself around…according to creative news sources.

Breitbart reported that the photos were taken in a Vermont studio on October 28th. It was organized by Dawn Robertson, 48, a Harvard Law School graduate and founder of a recruitment company, who told the Daily Mail she organized the photo shoot because of the rise of the #MeToo movement and hoped to push back on what she says is the Republican Party’s attack on women and transgender rights. How’s that again?

MilesTones is trying to figure out the captions to be used in the photos. One being considered is: Sex Takes a Holiday.  Or perhaps “The reason for Twin Beds.” That department is working on it.

We do thank Lawrence Craig, a frequent contributor to this column for rushing this breaking news to us.


6 responses to “Dem Women Pose Nude for Votes

  1. These ‘people’ are disgustingly sick and evil. Satan is truly rampaging across the world and these are just a few of his perverse concubines. They would buy your vote with their worthless flesh. I just prayed for them but I cannot say my heart was in it. I will now pray for myself for my own heart to know the pity these women deserve(?).

    I await a WORD from my Father in Heaven. May God Bless all who know, love and follow HIM. Amen

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  2. williamjamesward

    If you voe Demoncrat you will lose also and as Webster points out,
    ruined and brought to destruction, I suggest no one join them
    in losing their shirts. Evil is running rampant in their corner and
    they wish to spread it in a final shakedown of America but we can
    still hold them off by voting Republican and continuing the Trump
    revolution. The road back to sanity may not be a road to far if
    true Americans are willing to take on the terrible task of outing all
    of our traitors within and bring the Nation back to reality and sanity
    which is found only under God…………………………..William

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