The Deep State’s Loony-Bomber

By Jim O’Neill

Less than two weeks before the vitally important mid-term elections a zealous Trump fanatic mails faux bombs to various Democratic shills for violence against Republicans – gee what a coincidence right?

The Loony-Bomber is too made-to-order, too Hollywood central casting, too polished to be believed.  But no one ever accused the Left of being coy and understated – ruthless, sly, and manipulative, yes, but coy and understated, no.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was arrested wearing an “I Love Deplorables” t-shirt, MAGA cap, and sporting a big ol’ “Kill a Commie for Christ” button pinned to his shirt.  One wonders if there’s a Jack Ruby waiting in the wings.

I’m not buying the spoon-fed media narrative for a nano-second.  The whole thing stinks of a pre-planned Deep State setup.  Having the government and media p—s on your leg and tell you it’s raining year after year tends to make you a tad leery when it comes to trusting them.  Color me skeptical…extremely skeptical.


5 responses to “The Deep State’s Loony-Bomber

  1. This guy has ‘Patsy’ written all over him. Remember what Lee Harvey Oswald said when he was arrested: “I’m a patsy”. The ‘D’ in ‘democrat’ stands for ‘deception’. They have absolutely no credibility. None.

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  2. The man they arrested had to be a miracle worker to carry this off. Yes I heard about the woman talking about this man’s FB page. Yes I heard it was taken down. I also heard that the page was really really new. I also saw two different versions of “The Van” they confiscated. I would believe there is a coorridinated effort by the MSM to convince us of false facts.

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  3. fake news,just like christine ford,feinstein,schummer clinton, ray moores accuser,cnn booker all most all democrats,,,lies,, lies lies lies lies,,,,,,putin can be trustted moreand also kim dong jung


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