The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America

2 responses to “The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America

  1. williamjamesward

    When focusing in on spiritual warfare it makes sense that the agents
    of evil must destroy the United States a prosperous and blesses
    land of Christian heritage. In my lifetime I have seen the unbelievable
    happen due to inactivity of our Churches staying out of public discourse.
    Today leftists control our public education and have taken over
    formerly Christian Colleges. From grade school up to Universities
    the students have been moved to be anti-America, anti-Christian
    and pro-totalitarian government attacking God. Obama and Clinton
    and their minions are evil people under spiritual control of Satan,
    it is a true statement known by those who are following the story
    of our destruction. America is doing great evil to the unborn, promoting
    abominations declared so in God’s Word but we can take up our
    Cross and battle evil and declare evil what it is where and when we
    see it. Understand that the former Democrat Party is no longer a
    loyal opposition, it is intent on destroying democracy, initially
    obliquily and today straight on and in our face claiming we if against
    their agenda are the bad people. The Scriptures tell us “evil will be
    called good and good evil”. Woe to those that do this and a day of
    woe is soon to be on the entire world……………….William


  2. You’re certainly right on William ! I wish so much that people would wake up..they’re all so blind that they can’t see what’s really happening here. It seems to me, that only those who believe in God can see this. I thank our Father that He has given us His wisdom and that we who are His have discernment..


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