Beware ‘Global Citizens’ (and Their Dumb Festivals)

Beware ‘Global Citizens’ (and Their Dumb Festivals)

By | October 1st, 2018

If you wish to understand America today, attend the Global Citizen Festival. Here you can see our institutions-media, political and corporate-march in perfect lockstep toward a new world order entirely disconnected from the nation’s founding vision.

Here you can see Cardi B and Jeff Flake on the same stage (sponsored by Citi Bank, Cadillac, and Johnson and Johnson) calling for the same thing: a new founding. Today, the words “global citizen” mean nothing because there is no global regime to which a global citizen can belong.

Not yet, at least.

That is why these revolutionaries gather: to reaffirm their commitment to the hoped-for future regime that will transcend kinship, history, and nature itself.

This political project is inherently anti-American. Ask yourself: would these “global citizens” fight and die for their countrymen, would they hold back an enemy tide from sweeping aside their kith and kin? Do they have any connection to this earth, to the land of their forefathers?

The answer, to the sane man, is obvious. The nation-state, America in particular (or, at least, America as she was) is a threat to the new global order. If I say I love my Anglo-Saxon ancestors and the nation they built above all others, how can I be a global citizen?

The answer is that I cannot be. I am a heretic and a traitor. I am an enemy of the coming state.

Perhaps, the Global Citizens can be stopped. Perhaps we can reconquer our institutions, reverse the insanity, and pull ourselves back from revolution. Maybe.

But if such a project is possible it must begin with the recognition that America is no longer “one nation under God.” Rather, we are a multitude of nations each struggling for control of the state.

America’s Cold Civil War has begun.

One response to “Beware ‘Global Citizens’ (and Their Dumb Festivals)

  1. Wow, now the globalists feel free to come right out in the open with their longed for N W O.. But what else is new, the leftists, globalists, commie progressives, have been getting away with everything…easy do do because the populace is so ignorant and will go along with anything that sounds good (they’ll make it sound good), then follow right along. Sheeple they call them? And I call the globalists filthy traitors. Back in the day..they would be hung. Ah, the good old days.

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