Ford’s polygraph test given by a Democratic “Expert”

BREAKING: Ford’s polygraph expert has been a subcontractor of the Democrat law firm representing Ford in DC. Hanafin’s a “progressive” from Boston who says that when administering polygraphs on “victims” like Ford u automatically “believe them” & don’t ask them specific questions

2 responses to “Ford’s polygraph test given by a Democratic “Expert”

  1. Ford assumed the persona of a young girl in and older womans body
    while speaking and answering questions in order to buffer her duplicity
    and envoke pity and sympathy. The entire fiasco is playing out in the
    way the traitorous Leftist, Socialist, Communist, Marxist and Jihadist
    Democrats move. Their daily truth must be recorded and reported
    to show the vast difference between the truth and their vile duplicity.
    Judge Kavanaugh stood up to them for every one of us, God, Family
    and Country, that is his mental framework and we owe him endless
    thanks, a golden badge of courage and our prayers supporting him
    in a spiritual battle focusing on him and his own, his wife and
    children and our troubled nation. We must be steadfast in our
    support, admiration and acknowledgement of Judge Kavanaugh
    who is in every way a true “American Hero”.

    Political fakery, fake news and false leaders come to the admonition
    of “Thou shall not bear false witness”, the penalty for that will play
    out for these enemies of America. Jesus Himself said “If they
    persecuted me, they will also persecute you” I hope these words
    of The Lord are on Judge Kavanaugh’s mind. These last days
    will continue to be hard, very hard as the war between good and
    evil draws to and enevitable conclusion. Be faithful and trust in
    the saviour, God bless Brett Kavanaugh and his family, they
    are a gift from God to us in these evil times………………..William

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    • Absolutely spot on Brother. Many more will ‘Fall Away’ as their faith is sorely tested and the end draws nearer and nearer. The prophecies are being fulfilled daily now in both the Old and New Testaments. Only the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob knows that great day we all await. Even so, Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

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