The Public Pillorying of Brett Kavanaugh

By Jim O’Neill

Pilloring verb: to expose to public derision, ridicule, or abuse

Let us get something straight right up front – the real victim in the Congressional debacle of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination process is…Brett Kavanaugh himself.

To watch the sterling reputation of this exemplar of honor and integrity get his name dragged through the mud and muck by idiotic, vile swamp creatures, disgusts and infuriates me no end.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (HI-D) has told men to “Shut up, and step up!”  Well, she got that last part right – the male Republicans in Congress do indeed need to grow a pair and step up.  Step up and slap down the vapid, vicious, venomous cruelty of their Democrat “colleagues.”  Enough is enough – and we are way past the point of it being enough.

Can there be anyone with half an un-brainwashed brain who does not see the Democrat theatrics for the despicable delaying tactic that they are?  Does anyone doubt that more liberal activists will be dragged out from whatever rock they are under as the need arises?  “Oh, oh, I was groped by Judge Kavanaugh too!  It was during…uh, kindergarten, yeah that’s right, kindergarten.”

“Sounds credible, oh so credible, incredibly credible to me – string him up!”  Oh, puhleeze.

“Guilty until proven innocent” is the newest Democrat bulls—t.  These people are mentally unstable, shameless, vicious, and immoral.  Yet they call We the People “irredeemably deplorable virulent dregs of society” – a textbook case of projection if there ever was one.

The sleazy Democrats and their media mouthpieces are currently whipping up their madding crowd of gullible, clueless, zombie followers into a mindless, frenzied attack on a man who is by all accounts an uncommonly intelligent, compassionate, good and decent individual.  If they can destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation then they can destroy anyone’s.  Such a cruel travesty of justice must not be allowed to happen.

One response to “The Public Pillorying of Brett Kavanaugh

  1. They need to go ahead with the vote on schedule, or I should say, no more delay. The lefty vandals have had enough time to troll the swamp. It gets more sickening by the day, and the left is not winning any new friends.

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