A Quick Definition Of QANON For The Uninitiated

Where We Go One  We Go all


~~~Freedom Rider~~~

5 responses to “A Quick Definition Of QANON For The Uninitiated

  1. Keep up the great work!

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    • Thank you sir. I am old now but there are young ones coming up behind who will pick up the Flag when I fall and they must know the truth. I have been at war all my life. My grandfathers called them the Bloody British, Then the Damn Yankees. Then the Carpet Baggers. As a child in the ’50s in the Heart of Dixie we called them other things. And still they come. The earth is soaked in our blood but we will Never Surrender! No king but King Jesus!


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  2. More and more are finding that they can trust the reports from QANON And when I get the opportunity to come across one, I ponder on it. Recently, I read something about Trump being around group of people and had spotted one with a tee shirt which a a large Q on it. Trump pointed at that person, then gave a thumbs up.

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    • Barbara, I have been following QAnon since almost the beginning of the posts last October. The ‘Q’ is, most believe, a group of insiders very close to POTUS who are disseminating information for and by him vital to the destruction of the power of the Deep State Cabal of Luciferian Globalists who have all but overtaken the sovereign nations of the earth.

      QAnon is not only a national but a global movement of patriots worldwide. God helps those who help themselves and this is very likely our last chance.

      QAnon is well explained in the post above and I, as have many others come to trust ‘Q’ for information that helps me in this life or death struggle for my country and my freedom.

      As a great patriot once said many years ago: “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death.” And as QAnon often says: “This is not a game.” Amen.

      And Trump has indeed spotted ‘Q’ shirts and signs and acknowledged with obvious gestures and broad smiles their presence at many of the rallies he has attended.

      Where We Go One We Go All! ~ Make America Great Again. ~ And May God Bless America Again.


  3. Thank you for your affirmation about this group. I’ve felt pretty alone in even knowing about them, then my coming to believe they are real. – And God bless all of those who are His. MAGA

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