SURPRISE! Black Woman Lied About ‘Trump Supporter’ Hate Crime

Black Woman Lied About ‘Trump Supporter’ Hate Crime

That unfortunate wave of Trump-related hate continued earlier this month in New York. I’m not talking about that wave of hate that has Trump supporters attacking minorities; that doesn’t exist. No, this was the wave of hate in which minorities fabricate hate crimes perpetrated by nonexistent Trump supporters to feed the media narrative that the President is racist and inspiring racism. A woman in Long Island was busted for making up yet another fictitious Trump supporter hate crime.

Newsday reports that 19-year-old Adwoa Lewis says she was driving home on September 2 at around 11:15pm, when a group of teens approached her. She didn’t describe the teens as white, but that is certainly implied. She also didn’t explain how these teens approached her if she was driving. Were they in another car? Were they really fast runners? Were they surfing along side her on that wave of Trump-inspired hate?

In any case, Lewis said these teens yelled “Trump 2016!” at her. Why would they yell that instead of “Trump 2020!”? Again, Lewis wasn’t all about making sense or giving details. She also said the teens told her “she didn’t belong here” and that “Trump will make America great again.”

It’s already a hardly believable story, but it gets even more fantastic. The next morning Lewis woke up and discovered the her 2008 Toyota had a flat tire. She told police that the tire was slashed and that there was a note that read “go home” leaning against the wheel. Go home? She was already home. I think she confused the fake Trump supporter anti-immigrant BS with the fake Trump supporter anti-black BS.

As you can see in this picture, the tire doesn’t appear to be slashed, just flat. That note is on a small scrap of paper and leaning against the wheel. How did it manage to stay there all night? Even a slight breeze would have blown that thing away. Hell, a cat running by would made this thing fly away.

The Nassau County Police know what bullshit smells like and they sniffed this thing out almost immediately:

Police determined after an “extensive investigation” that Lewis’ story was fabricated, police said. When questioned about discrepancies in her story, Lewis admitted writing the note herself and placing it on her car.

Here’s what I think happened: Lewis got a flat tire and figured if she could make up a hate crime, she’d get a free new tire out of it somehow. She should know that the cost of fixing a punctured tire is under ten bucks and a lot places will do it for free, hoping to make you a loyal customer. If it was a Goodyear tire, any Goodyear dealer would have also fixed it for free. But yeah, the fake hate crime story was a good idea too.

I’m guessing if the KKK ever burns a cross in her front yard that means her “check engine” light came on.

Because Lewis submitted this bullshit story to police and signed it, she was given a summons for filing a false police report. I don’t know what the fine is for this in Nassau County, but I’m pretty sure it’s way more than fixing a flat tire. Again, this was simply a brilliant plan until it wasn’t.

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