HILARIOUS! Somali Pirates Try to Hijack Cargo Ship

HILARIOUS! Somali Pirates Try to Hijack Cargo Ship

I thought we were done with these guys?! Put’em next on the list, Trump! or somewhere on the list. Anyway… here’s an awesome video that shows a speedboat coming toward a ship with private security. With sub-machine guns. And they take aim at the lil incoming boat.

You’ll see at least one guard firing warning shots, hitting just feet away from the oncoming speedboat of Somali Pirates.

“Where they at, what’s their position?” one contractor shouts. As the first speedboat retreats, a second boat races toward the starboard of the ship.

“Second skip coming in,” security radios in.

Those pirates didn’t stand a chance! And what in the freaking world made them think they would?

From the NYTimes:

After years of quiet seas, undisturbed voyages and no major attacks, Somali pirates have waylaid four ships in the past month, raising fears that the pirate menace has returned to the Indian Ocean.

A Pakistani-owned cargo vessel carrying food was hijacked off the coast of central Somalia, Somali officials said on Tuesday, just days after an Indian cargo ship was commandeered and dragged to an infamous pirate den.

In the past, pirates have hit just about anything that floated: yachts, freighters, dhows, sailboats, mammoth oil tankers — even an American naval ship, by mistake. But the piracy heydays were thought to be over. Until now, the problem seemed to have disappeared.

Analysts said a number of factors had driven the resurgence in piracy, including drought, famine, corruption, a surge of smuggled weapons and the influence of the Islamic State.

“Puntland’s facing a lot of problems right now,” said Mohamed Mubarak, who runs a Somali anticorruption organization, Marqaati, which means “witness.”

“In many coastal towns, there is no government presence,” he said. “You can do whatever you want. Pirates and criminal gangs now have space.”

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