Janet Napolitano’s Hobson’s Choice and the Russell-Huxley Dilemma

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We hear that 39 people have been murdered by a suicide bomber in a Shiite Mosque in southern Iran, on one of the holiest days for Shia Muslims. Evidently there is terrorism in the world.

Janet Napolitano and the Leviathan State Democrats, who were preceded by Leviathan State Republicans, have given the public a Hobson’s choice: either consent to having your nude photo taken and ogled, plus a dose of radiation thrown in for free, or else submit to a groping of one’s genitals and breasts. This is the choice given the public by Barack Obama and his administration, and Janet Napolitano. It is the violation of the Jeffersonian principle of unreasonable search and seizure, the right to privacy, and the right to be left alone by law enforcement unless there is a “probable cause” that one has committed some infraction. They have destroyed the right of privacy, and the…

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5 responses to “Janet Napolitano’s Hobson’s Choice and the Russell-Huxley Dilemma

  1. Great post. I left a comment there. I can never erase the image of Waco burning… and all that followed. There was my Red Pill and I didn’t even know it. Open eyes in ’93. Much to see. All has been different ever since Thanks for the link.

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    • There has been so much in my life. Remember I told you momma started me early, reading me the Chicago Trib every night when I was five…and it was very conservative back then. The thing with Kennedy being shot, then King, and then Bobbie…then the 1968 riots in Chgo and all the burning during the dem convention. Just so much of it made me what I am. But yes, the Murrah building, the two attacks on the towers, Waco, Ruby Ridge…so much is so out of control and so much evil is purposely allowed. Now I watch everything, and realistically, I’m glad I’m the age I am.

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  2. This was interesting to me as at the end it states the Peter principle, which I just quoted to someone yesterday, but which the author attributes to Frederick Hayek. This is the principle by which the mediocre rise to the top, or I would say, the moronic rise to the top. The EU is an example- such dimwits are running things and they know nothing about what they do.

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    • Laurence J. Peter wrote the book. Don’t know the origin of the concept. Probably ancient. Then in ’93 the Bell Curve by Hernstern really blew the lid off. The truth is seldom pretty. I think I remember protests (riots?) by the prolls over that one.

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  3. Was it really Hayek? Not sure about that…Laurence J. Peter wrote the Peter Principle.

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