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Drag Queen Story Hour sparks protests in conservative towns

Drag Queen Story Hour sparks protests in conservative towns

Kevin Mcgill, Associated Pres
Associated Press
Drag Queen Story Hour sparks protests in conservative towns

Blazen Haven, left, and Vanessa Carr meet twins Remy Karas, left, and Jack Karas, both 14 months, during Drag Queen Story Time at the Alvar Library in New Orleans on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018. Children and parents and caregivers packed into the library to hear stories and sing songs during the event. (Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP)

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Once upon a time, in 2015, a writer in San Francisco named Michelle Tea got the idea for “Drag Queen Story Hour”: men in full drag reading children’s books to kids and parents in programs aimed at providing “positive and unabashedly queer role models.”

Since then, Drag Queen Story Hours have been held at libraries or book stores in big cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and costume-loving New Orleans — where over-the-top hair, makeup and gowns and stories about gender fluidity aren’t exactly new.

In some smaller communities, however, the programs have sparked protests from conservative and religious groups.

In Lafayette, Louisiana, west of New Orleans, the president of the local public library board resigned amid debate over plans to hold “Drag Queen Story Hour” and Mayor Joel Robideaux has indicated he may seek to cancel the Oct. 6 program.

A handful of protesters showed up in the rain outside an August event at a library branch in Columbus, Georgia, according to the Ledger-Enquirer.

And, on its Facebook page, a group called Common Sense Campaign Tea Party is calling for protests of a planned Sept. 8 event at a public library in Mobile, Alabama. That’s where drag queen Khloe Kash is scheduled to read “Rainbow Fish,” a 1992 story about the value of sharing, and “Stella Brings the Family,” about a little girl fretting over what to do about her school’s upcoming Mother’s Day celebration because she has two fathers.

“It’s growing all over the nation, including the South,” Jonathan Hamilt, a New Yorker who provides help in organizing the story hours nationwide, told The Associated Press. He said there are DQSH chapters in 40 states and in other countries.

Hamilt performs as his drag alter-ego, Ona Louise, at charity events and at Drag Queen Story Hours. He acknowledges that the story hours draw protests in some cities. But he has also been surprised at the acceptance it has received in some rural areas and conservative states such as Wisconsin and Georgia, where he grew up.

“You never know how the community is going to react to the programing,” Hamilt said. “It’s kind of a toss-up.”

Critics see something sinister: “The program is designed to purposely target children so as to make sexual perversion acceptable through repeated exposure,” a poster on the Common Sense Campaign Tea Party page wrote. AL.Com reported that opponents at a Mobile County Commission meeting described the programs as a “plan to indoctrinate children.”

But, so far, the reading sessions are still on. At a Mobile City Council meeting, according to news accounts, some members expressed sympathy with opponents but also cited First Amendment concerns that made them reluctant to try to block the program. Scott Kinney, executive director of the Mobile Public Library system, said the system’s policy on use of meeting rooms stresses maximum availability to the public, and he noted that library facilities have been used by faith-based groups.

In Lafayette, the planned October story hour is being coordinated by members of the Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. The national fraternity, founded by gay men in 1986, issued a news release supporting the chapter as the controversy erupted last week.

“This program teaches love, diversity and acceptance — powerful and positive messages from which all can benefit,” it said.

Hmmm ~ News 'Strange disappearance' of WikiLeaks consultant in Norway


‘Strange disappearance’ of WikiLeaks consultant in Norway

WikiLeaks has raised concern after Arjen Kamphuis, an associate of founder Julian Assange, went missing in Norway. The cybersecurity expert was last seen in northern Norway on August 20.


Arjen Kamphuis Arjen Kamphuis
The internet transparency entity WikiLeaks tweeted on Sunday about Arjen Kamphuis’ “strange disappearance,” saying he has been missing since August 20, when he left his hotel in the northern Norwegian town of Bodo.
WikiLeaks said that Kamphuis, an associate of founder Julian Assange, had a ticket for a flight departing on August 22 from Trondheim, which is over 700 kilometers (435 miles) south of Bodo.
“The train between the two takes (approximately) 10 hours,” suggesting he disappeared either in Bodo, Trondheim or on the train, WikiLeaks said.

A website set up to gather information on the missing person says: “He is 47 years old, 1.78 meters tall and has a normal posture. He was usually dressed in black and carrying his black backpack. He is an avid hiker.”
There have reportedly been two unconfirmed possible sightings, one in Alesund, Norway, and the other in Ribe, Denmark.
Norwegian police on the case
Norwegian police started looking into the disappearance on Sunday.
“We have started an investigation,” police spokesman Tommy Bech told the French news agency AFP, adding that so far they had “no clue” where the Dutch citizen was.
The police “would not speculate about what may have happened to him,” Bech said.
Norwegian police can’t legally access his cellphone movement data until Kamphuis is officially reported missing in the Netherlands, according to the Norwegian Verdens Gang tabloid newspaper.
The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was aware of his disappearance after Kamphuis’ friend and privacy activist Ancilla van de Leest tweeted about his disappearance.

True stories and hopefully the last we'll hear about a certain deceased person…

The Truth about John McCain: The Life and Death of an American Traitor

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