Wireless Warfare Exposed – Declassified Military Doc Proves Smart Phones Are Killing Mankind

6 responses to “Wireless Warfare Exposed – Declassified Military Doc Proves Smart Phones Are Killing Mankind

  1. Two days without their Smart phones? I just bet the withdrawal symptoms would make them feel they’re half a person. For years, not one in my family is without it in their hand or sitting close to them. It’s an obsession, so, I don’t enjoy being with them because they don’t converse at all. I’ve warned them about the things I’ve learned, but they either don’t believe it or don’t care.

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    • Hi Barbara ~ Just FYI since I feel I know you… Buckle up, this is a long one.

      My wife and I have the most simple Gen 3 phones, (which will not go “online”), beyond calls and texts (which take forever and are rarely used) and we pay $18 per phone per month for 200 minutes and it’s more than enough. We only use them for emergencies and occasional family contacts. We are in our ’70s and the only holdouts in our families. We use our landline for all calls otherwise. We dropped all TV about 20 years ago. No foolin’. ‘Cut The Cable’ so to speak and moved to higher speed internet access with Comcast, (the only game in town), and never looked back. At the time we had no idea how much brainwashing we had saved ourselves from but thank God, for all we knew was that TV sucked so bad we wouldn’t pay for the trash… 20 years of viewing what I choose, when I choose and I am blessed with a modicum of discernment. Ignoring 95% of ‘click-bait’ and watching what news I choose, (it’s all online), for how long I choose….

      I got carried away. Information overload. Much going on with signs in the heaven and signs in the earth and massive changes in every arena. Never seen anything like it. Something BIG is coming but I am totally unable to fathom what it is. It drives me to distraction but I am an information junkie and I can’t stop digging.

      Enough for now, God Bless.

      Freedom Rider


  2. Thank you for your letter. I too have a cell phone, $18.00 month for emergencies and only use my landline phone… Smart phones, too much money and even more spying. So much information out there and to me it’s mind boggling because I receive 40 or more emails daily, some from my writer friends. One of those. Ileana Johnson came here from communist Romania, and has top selling books (check her out), she mailed a few of them to me, it’s hard to keep up because I’ve always wanted to read anything I came across ever since I was a kid.. I do watch TV in the evenings because of the movies. My escape.: ) I’m also in my 70’s but am quite alone since one of my daughters, a beautiful (she even modeled a bit like her mom) Christian woman, a wonderful mother and devoted daughter had died, so i have much grief within me.
    Your last paragraph struck me, everything seems to be happening all at once, it’s alarming and the vast majority in this country choose to remain oblivious. By the way, I did check out Leonard Cohen whom I knew little about, he was from Canada, so was my mother; and I listened to his meaningful songs and listened to him talk.. What a brilliant poet he was and a most unusual man to say the least. i could relate to him by his songs, I’ve also had depression all my life.
    Keep digging FR and keep us informed. I just pray the internet doesn’t go down.
    I have a few phone #’s, CZ, Ileana, and a couple others and it means so much to me, because I am alone. I’ve told them all that i’m looking for a cave…or a cabin in the deep woods…maybe in the UP. : ) God Bless both you and your wife.

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    • So touched by your loss. I can’t imagine…. I thought you would enjoy Leonard Cohen. His poetry and music is truly cross-generational. I will research Ileana Johnson. Was she in Romania when Nicolae Ceaușescu was ousted? Those were dynamic times… So are these. Faith is the key.
      In Christ,


  3. For 20 years she was under Ceausescu and escaped in the early 70’s. Her dad was a patriot and of course, he was brutally murdered. Her first book was called Echoes of Communism..it’s sold on Amazon as are her other books. Her full name is Ileana Johnson Paugh. .

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    • Thanks for her full name Barbara. She has seen things too awful to contemplate or even imagine. Further research is in order. It’s 3AM and I gotta get some rest. More later. Blessings, FR


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