Madness or Jihad? – Either Way, the Streets are Unsafe

What does it take for a liberal judge to see an imminent threat?

Madness or Jihad? – Either Way, the Streets are Unsafe

On the day after Hakima Ramzi buried her son, 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, at a cemetery in south Atlanta, the state of New Mexico filed a reconsideration of bail motion against his father Siraj Wahhaj, and four other adults citing new and frightening additional evidence.

Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, Lucas Morten, Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhannah Wahhaj – considered by law enforcement as Islamic extremists — were arrested earlier this month after authorities raided a compound  finding an arsenal of weapons, 11 emaciated and dehydrated children, and squalid living conditions.

But Judge Sarah Backus, admitting the evidence was “troubling” did not believe there was a “threat to public safety” from the defendants because they appeared to have no criminal records.  Backus set bail at $20,000 for each defendant – sparking outrage across all social media platforms from concerned Americans and a volley of death threats against the judge and members of law enforcement.

Chilling Details

District Attorney Donald Gallegos and Assistant District Attorney Timothy Hasson have publicly criticized Backus and promised to appeal.  In court documents Hasson wrote:

“[Siraj Wahhaj] poses a great danger to the children found on the property as well as a threat to the community as a whole due to the presence of firearms and his intent to use these firearms in a violent and illegal manner.”

Judge Sarah Backus

And although those words earlier this month didn’t sway Backus, perhaps the latest evidence submitted may act like a good sniff of smelling salts and snap her out of the ether.

How about an underground stockpile of weapons and ammunition hoarded by Islamic extremists?  No? Or perhaps additional testimony from the rescued children about dying in jihad and becoming a martyr. Doesn’t that smack of at least a teeny-tiny terrorist threat?

But maybe the eyeopener will be the 10-page, handwritten, document titled “Phases of a Terrorist Attack.” Hard to sugar coat that little slice of terror.

The handbook was an instructional manual for the “one-time” terrorist – and you correctly surmise what that means – with lessons on the use of a “choke point,” a location “called the ideal attack site,” the “ability to defend the safe haven,” the “ability to escape-perimeter rings,” and “sniper position detection procedure.”

If the people of Taos County, New Mexico, were not in imminent danger as Backus stated, someone else sure would have been soon enough.

The children, ages 1 – 15 years old, now under the protection of New Mexico Children Youth and Families, have opened up to questioning by authorities.  Several of the eldest have provided additional details that will send a chill skipping down the spine.

For punishment, they were forced to wash the dead body of Abdul Ghani..  They were denied food, clean water, and the ability to bathe themselves.

And they were trained in militant jihadi style with:

“…advanced firearms handling and had been instructed to shoot law enforcement personnel when the time came and that they would be instructed in the future to attack specific targets such as teachers, schools, banks and other ‘corrupt institutions.’”

Furthermore, they testified that: “The guns located at the exit of the tunnel were stored there … so that as the group exited the tunnel, the group could arm themselves with weapons and ammunition.”

Only one such “corrupt” institution was named and that is Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.  The children told authorities it was Laveille’s specific target and that she would “reveal the ‘truth’ to these corrupt institutions or individuals.”

If her message was not received and accepted, their plan was for Laveille to signal Siraj Wahhaj and he would then “shoot or otherwise attack the non-believer.”

Is this now enough to detain these Islamic extremists?

Enough is Enough

The Islamic ideology provides zero tolerance for the Western way of life.  A life that includes equality, freedom, and security not found in many Muslim nations.  But practitioners of extreme Islamic faith and proponents of Sharia law are attempting to invade America and remove what they believe are infidels against Allah.

And we turn a blind eye to their encroachment so as to not cause offence?

Enough.  Although we are a nation that welcomes legal immigrants – including Muslims – who want to experience those very same freedoms, we cannot allow for people such as Siraj Wahhaj to threaten this country.  A man who allowed the death of his son while training his children to kill our children.  If Judge Backus refuses to see the importance of her upcoming ruling, I fear she may face the wrath of all Americans.

Even Wahhaj’s father, the infamous Brooklyn Imam of the same name, has distanced himself saying, “My son can be a little extreme.”  Jeez, ya think?

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