This May Not Be For Everyone…

This is Freedom Rider…

I’d like to thank you folks who read, like, comment and repost my reports and observations here on EMM. I am glad for the opportunity to post here…

Anyway, the young lady in the following 35 minute UTube clip pretty well sums up my understanding of what is going on in our World War between Good and Evil. Or I prefer between God and Satan. This will kind of show you a little of who I am and how I think.

If you decide to watch you must stay for the full 35 minutes. (Grin)… Well, I hope you do. Buckle up. There’s a lot of good info here.

God Bless America.

God Bless all Patriots.



12 responses to “This May Not Be For Everyone…

  1. Wow…buckle up is right. I never knew about these DEW’s- but nothing surprises me anymore. Coincidences-there are no coincidences. I would love to see the video of Trump and the secret service agent in Scotland. I heard nothing of a green peace paraglider wth? And POTUS SS agent dies right after-too weird imo. Thought so when I first heard it…

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  2. A worthy watch! — Like I knew recently, our President & Melania need a food-taster prior to eating anything, even food prepared for them in their own hotel, home or while traveling in Air Force One.

    Father GOD, I call unto YOU, in the Name of Jesus Christ and based upon your great mercy and grace, asking for continuing Divine protection for President Trump, his family, other loved ones as well as the appointed/elected cabinet members/judges. YOU alone have all power and authority and only YOU can thwart every evil scheme/plan to bring him down via whatever evil device being perpetrated by the devil and his many minions operating through whoever. I rejoice in the knowing that YOU watch over your Holy WORD when your people pray boldly in unwavering faith and truest in YOU! Hallelujah! Amen.

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  3. Pray for him, his family and those who surround him who love him, pray for the secret service who protect him. Pray for our country.

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  4. Freedom Rider

    Amen and Amen…


  5. The woman had said the people can only fight against this if they were knowledgeable about these things. I’ve known much about this but here she tells more that’s new to me. If I passed this along to others, I know for a fact that it would be all Greek to them, though I’ve often mentioned Nano-Tech in regard to the unknown molecules injected by vaccines. We all know that this is spiritual warfare between God and Satan. All we can do is pray unceasingly, and know our prayers are powerful and that He listens to us. Praise God.. Thanks FR for posting this.

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    • Freedom Rider

      “If I passed this along to others, I know for a fact that it would be all Greek to them.” ~ Barbara, there is an old (60’s) favorite song of mine that has a line that goes: “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” ~ Sad, but that’s how it really is.


  6. This is the song FR, The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkle They are one of my favorites. I’m thinking that maybe I should send that video out, but how could anyone understand it if they don’t know anything about that tech stuff. None on my list do. oh well

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    • Freedom Rider

      Last Lines:
      “In the clearing stands a boxer,
      And a fighter by his trade,
      And he carries the reminders,
      Of every glove that laid him down,
      Or cut him ’till he cried out in his anger and his pain,
      I am leaving I am leaving,
      But the fighter still remains.”

      Barbara, I know every word of that song I first heard while in the service of miy country in 1966. And Barbara, that ‘boxer’ is me, and all of us who are “Still crazy after all these years” and strive to “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”… It isn’t easy, but we are driven by the Lord of Hosts… We have made our Vows… We are resolved to follow our Savior.

      Yes. Post it. If even one person opens his eyes just a little it is worth the effort.

      In Christian love,

      Freedom Rider


  7. I enjoyed your message : ) The boxer certainly is one heck of a song and what a poet he is. I’m responding late, was out of town for a few days and sometimes out of my mind (crazy) as well. And true, Nothing’s easy.
    Did you know what Simon said about the song Bridge Over Troubled Water?, “For the first time in my life I hadn’t worked for it at all, the words and the music suddenly came to me all at once.” I do believe that God had chosen that young Jewish boy to give him that powerful song to the world. “I will dry your tears, I’m by your side.”
    Thank you, I will pass that video along and hope it will open some eyes.
    God bless You FR, The Boxer.

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    • Freedom Rider

      I was not aware of Paul Simon’s epiphany in the writing of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ but I am not really surprised. Some of my favorite songs were written that way according to their authors as well.


  8. The Bridge song had quite a comforting message and I can’t help but be curious about the kinds of messages that came to other songwriters,… if they might refer to God in some way.

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  9. Freedom Rider

    I don’t think so. Secular. But it was a true work of art. 1970.. I don’t think he ever topped it. I was in the music business in the ’70s’ for a bit but it was getting bad by ’77 and probably even before then. I left the business in ’78 but those were some of the greatest years for new artists and freedom of expression ever… Then I listened to the music die! …I find very few artists that don’t have their roots in the 60’s that I care for. One you may already know and I think you might enjoy is Leonard Cohen. He died last year but left a lifetime of work behind him. A nice collection of his videos can can be found on You-Tube. Search the name.


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