London Anti-Trump Protest Ridiculed as ‘Baby Blimp’ Disappoints

London Anti-Trump Protest Ridiculed as ‘Baby Blimp’ Disappoints

£30,000 for that?

The widely heralded Trump baby balloon protest in London fell flat as many were left wondering what the organizers had spent £30,000 on.

The Trump baby blimp received endless mainstream media coverage in the run up to Trump’s UK visit, yet was airborne for less than two hours and appeared tiny amidst the London skyline.

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Paul Joseph Watson


Can’t work out which is more pathetic – the size of the Trump balloon or the size of the protests.


Some wondered where the money had gone.


Old Holborn✘ @Holbornlolz





Old Holborn✘ @Holbornlolz

Is that it?


Toilet Seat Becky 💋 @ToiletSeatBecky

The Trump Effigy is flying high over London, casting long dark shadows and can be seen for miles around, blocking out both The Shard and The Wembley Arch from the skyline. This will finish his Presidency!

Within 2 hours, the balloon was being deflated.

Chris York


Shoutout to all the tour guides valiantly trying to describe the rich culture and history of Westminster only to be bombarded with questions about the “big Trump balloon”

Chris York


And it’s over! The is back on terra firma and will now be deflated. So long baby, it’s been wild x

Most of the protesters appeared to have no idea as to what they were protesting against.

Paul Joseph Watson


Signs at Trump protest;

“Why won’t things stop happening?”

“Things Trump says.”

What things?

You don’t even know what you are protesting against. 😄


The BBC described the protests as “large scale,” which was somewhat generous.

Paul Joseph Watson


“Large scale.”

I’ve been in queues that had more people. 😄

Move over tank man, a new protest icon is in town.

Paul Joseph Watson


Move over tank man, a new protest icon is in town.


Others settled for the stunning and brave act of flipping off a helicopter or banging pots and pans in a field.


SimonNRicketts @SimonNRicketts

I think this kind of sums up the Trump visit. Angry, frustrated people giving the finger to a retreating helicopter.

As we highlight in the video below, while tens of thousands are expected to protest Trump in London, the streets were largely empty when actual dictators came to town.


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