Imran Awan’s Sweet Plea Deal

4 responses to “Imran Awan’s Sweet Plea Deal

  1. This deal is so wrong, so very very wrong. No wonder our country is in the shape it is in.

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  2. The “deep state” is all encompassing and it’s so deep in the roots of this government because rotten ones from the past governments are still in the administration we have today, It could never be eliminated by only one good man Donald Trump who is continually lied to by those who surround him. He is not a part of all this crap, and we know the majority of the politicians and others in govt jobs throughout the country are all for what it boils down to, is the destruction of America and its people for a new system. As is the usual case, the love of money, power and control is behind it, but they delude themselves, only the top Elites above all of them will have that control. Both we the people and the deluded ones will be proletariat’s under that new system. ..That’s what we get for being so ignorant.

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  3. tuetoninc knight

    He only has a plea deal for his prior “non-violent” crimes. his role in killing Seth Rich and other auto theft gangster crimes he is not immune!

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