One response to “MISS AMERICA IS DEAD!

  1. Rush Limbaugh reportedly stated that the feminist movement was primarily so unattractive women could have a larger presence in society. Well, it looks like they have finally achieved their ultimate goal, the demonization of beauty. What next? Rosie O’Donnell or Roseanne or Kathy Griffin as the new ‘ideal woman’? Personally, I haven’t kept up with any beauty pageants in too many years to remember. But, they have become part and parcel of American (and even World) tradition. They haven’t always rewarded the most physically beautiful women, but they have always been very attractive young ladies, with abundant talent in many areas.
    I suppose as part of the new ‘talent and personal attribute’ competition, they’ll have the finalists waddle up to a truck scale, and the heaviest (or ugliest, or hairiest….. take your pick) will be declared the ‘new ideal’. Or perhaps they’ll just have them quote Karl Marx or Saul Alinsky (Hey…. Hillary might just win THIS one!)


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