Your Eyes and Alzheimer’s

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  • * Note: Taken from the Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 6/4/18 –

 Check your Alzheimer’s risk… by looking at your eyes!

If you want a peek at your dementia risk, you’ve got two options.

You can visit a neurologist, but good luck if you don’t have any specific symptoms that’ll get you a referral first. You’ll probably have to shell out hundreds just to say hello, and let’s not even get into the cost of the brain scans and other tests.

The second way is a whole lot cheaper.

There’s ANOTHER doctor in your life who might be able to do the job, and his visit is usually completely covered.

It’s your EYE DOCTOR!

He probably doesn’t know it yet, but one of the standard pieces of equipment he uses to peek at your peepers can also provide a quick glimpse at the state of your brain.

And he doesn’t have to do anything other than what he normally does.

When he checks you for macular degeneration, he dilates your pupils and looks deep inside at the back of your eye.

He’s looking for little yellow clumps called drusen.

There are two forms, hard and soft. He’s usually looking for the soft stuff, which can be a warning sign of macular degeneration.

But a new study finds that hard stuff — which can be seen on the same test — could be one of your earliest warning signs of dementia risk.

Hard drusen deposits are FIVE TIMES more common in Alzheimer’s patients as they are in folks without the disease!

The reason for it makes perfect sense, too.

Those little chunks in the back of your eye are a sign of thicker blood vessels, which slow the flow of blood to the brain and cause some “backups” in the system.

In this case, those backups could include these chunks floating around into the back of your eyeballs.

If your eye doctor says you’ve got some of this hard drusen hiding in the back of your own peepers, don’t sweat it.

It’s a risk factor, not a guarantee. Do nothing, and you might never develop the disease.

But do SOMETHING… and you might be able to cut the risk.

And I’ve got just the thing.

Last year, a series of studies that show how two nutrients can help power the brain, slow aging, and protect against dementia absolutely puzzled scientists.

Why were they so darned puzzled? Well, the two nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, are better known for how they protect the eyes from macular degeneration by cutting through drusen like a weed-whacker.

Looks like that puzzle may have just been solved!

Take an eye protection formula with lutein and zeaxanthin. You just might get a brain boost, too.

With a prize for your eyes,
Jack Harrison


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