Minnesota Somalis defraud taxpayers $100M; sent to terrorists

This is so typical, all these “refugees” and illegal aliens are bleeding American taxpayers, but to have funds used for terrorism is beyond the pale. Where the hell is our worthless Congress?! We have leftist Paul Ryan even trying to pass amnesty before he leaves. I wish he’d go now…because he’s been a thorn in our side since he took office.

Fellowship of the Minds

KMSP Fox9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota has undertaken something the national MSM no longer seem to do — bold, investigative journalism.

For five months, Fox9 investigated rampant welfare fraud by the Somali “refugee” and immigrant community in Minnesota, which cost the state’s taxpayers a whopping $100 million a year. Even worse, the $millions defrauded were then transferred to Muslim terrorists in Somali and other countries in the Middle East.

Through the Refugee Act of 1980, sponsored by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) and former Sen. Joe Biden (D), the federal government has been aggressively “resettling” refugees from the east African country of Somalia into the United States, especially Minnesota. As of 2017, the state has an estimated 57,000 Somalis, the largest population of Somalis outside of East Africa.

Jeff Baillon reports on May 13, 2018 that Fox9 investigators used (1) public records; and (2) nearly a dozen government sources…

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2 responses to “Minnesota Somalis defraud taxpayers $100M; sent to terrorists

  1. Freedom Rider

    I am quite pessimistic about the immediate future of the USA.


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