The most disgusting thing in the bathroom isn’t what you think

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 4/23/18
Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned, but I don’t leave the house without a hankie — and not those little pocket squares the fancy types use as decoration.

A hankie is handy when you’ve got to honk — and it’s even handier in restrooms.

And when you see the latest news, you’ll want to carry one around too, because under no circumstances should you ever dry your hands in the germ-blowing machines that are replacing paper towels everywhere.

It’s not just that they collect bacteria from partially washed hands and provide them with nice, warm, damp homes that are even better than Petri dishes for growing and spreading.

And it’s not just that they then blow those germs right at you when you use the machine (or even right in your face if it’s one of those ugly little “Air Blades”).

No — although both of those are reason enough never to use them, the latest news is the worst of all. It’s so gross that I want to warn you right now in case you’re eating.

Ready for it?

Hand dryers aren’t just spraying any ol’ random germs at you.

They’re spraying POOP germs — right into your hands and maybe even into your face!


In any bathroom — even the one in your home — flushing the toilet creates a “plume” of aerosolized particles. Whatever you’re flushing down also goes up, out and around the room in an invisible mist.

Call it one reason to listen to your wife and ALWAYS put the lid down (and do it before flushing).

In public restrooms, however, there is no lid — so, there’s ALWAYS a plume.

And considering the amount of action some of those toilets see, you can bet that plume goes all over the room.

The new study finds that hand driers seem to suck up and store the water droplets from that plume along with whatever filthy bacteria are in them, collecting them in a “reservoir” of poo germs.

Special plates that collect germs were placed at the hand driers in 36 different bathrooms. After just half a minute, they collected between 18 and 60 colonies of bacteria.

Collection plates placed at a random spot in the restroom, on the other hand, collected an average of just one spore.

The researchers said these germs are generally harmless, just gross.

Maybe for them.

But for older folks with weaker immune systems, a poo spray from a public restroom could be too much to take.

Use paper towels instead… and if there are none available, make like Jack and use a hankie.

Or, at least wipe your hands on your jeans. Just don’t stick ’em in those machines!

Not just blowing hot air,
Jack Harrison

4 responses to “The most disgusting thing in the bathroom isn’t what you think

  1. I knew there was a reason I did not like blow dryers in restrooms. If all else fails I use TP. Not great but better than those blow dryers. When I worked in hospital administration, the infection control manager, told me that the door handle on any bathroom is a germ condo. Never ever touch the door handle after washing your hands.

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    • I agree, I always take tissue or paper towel with me to open the door and if the garbage can isn’t available, I throw it away elsewhere. Yep, I hate those blowers too and like you, I go get toilet paper to dry my hands.


  2. Usually the door to the washroom is “pull to open” when you leave. I either use a paper towel or pull my sleeve up to cover my fingers to pull open the door.
    Whenever I encounter a push to open door, anywhere, I use my elbow.

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