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Wendy Wasserman Schiff, or Whoever, and Hostile Anti-American Democrats

This [Democrat involvement with the Awan family] been going on since the early to mid-2000s, and it is shocking how terrible the Democrats are with military matters of national security.  This is abhorrent on just about every conceivable level.  If they slow-walk this investigation to oblivion then I believe that…if all of these people get away, if there are no negative repercussions I genuinely believe that the mainstream acceptance of the rule of law in America will die a strange and sad death.  If this goes nowhere then the republic, currently hanging by a thread, is going to fall.
Stefan Molyneux “The Truth About the Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal
Tarl Warwick (Styxhexenhammer666) Trump Goes Nuclear, Uses 4d Chess with Wendy Wasserman Schultz
Tarl Warick nails it with his explanation that President Trump will occasionally (and wisely) play dumb in order to get his adversaries to underestimate him and/or unwittingly do his bidding.  You don’t think that the multi-billionaire author of “The Art of the Deal” uses every trick in the book?  Of course he does – and encouraging his opponents to underestimate him is just one of the many tools available to our deal-making, results-oriented POTUS.  Dumb like a fox, as my mom used to say.
Be that as it may, this article is chiefly concerned with the rabid anti-American stance that has become almost the default position among so many liberals.  They will, as a matter of course, vehemently deny (usually) that their stance is anti-American, but the facts speak for themselves.  All you need to do is pay attention to the Democratic representatives in Congress and you will see what I mean.  They are professional parasites, political grifters living off the taxpayer’s dime while biting the hand that feeds them and telling us that “You didn’t make that!” You didn’t earn that!”  Their brazenness, their gall, their arrogance and ignorance, is breathtaking.  Screw those pusillanimous parasitic poseurs.
In addition to being herd-like indoctrinated sheeple, liberals tend to be spiritually stunted secularists who have a death grip on their ego because it’s all they have.  And when the ego is all you have to support your various positions and opinions you simply cannot afford to be wrong.  A spiritually shriveled ego-driven personality is by definition a fearful personality (i.e. angry personality) that dreads being wrong, about anything, because the odds are so stacked against them.  Think of it: one versus infinity, one finite human ego versus the infinite universe.  Terrible odds, losing odds for sure – which is one of the more notable causes of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) – “I CAN’T be wrong!”  Take a fearful/angry, spiritually stunted, ego-driven leftist drone indoctrinated into a semi-comatose daze by constant anti-Trump media propaganda – shake ‘n’ stir – and voila, TDS!  By this point I am convinced that TDS (on the left and right) is truly a mental/emotional pathology, it is not an act.  But I digress.
Dinesh D’Souza has noted that the overall tone of America’s culture is increasingly one of “brutality, incivility, intimidation, and smoke ‘n’ mirrors propaganda” – due primarily to the left-wing acolytes of Saul Alinsky spreading his agi-prop meme of victimhood, rage, and resentment.  In addition, Alinsky’s most famous devotees, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, took Alinsky’s agenda a radical step further:
Obama and Hillary developed a serious shift from Alinsky.  Essentially Alinsky was an outside man…Alinsky used the outsider shakedown technique [learned from the Chicago mafia].  Obama and Hillary went one better, they said “Wait a minute, we don’t have to be outside threatening to bring the government to a halt, threatening to shut down a corporation – what if we run the corporation?  What if we run the government?  Then we can use the weapons of the state against our enemies.” 
Dinesh D’Souza Dinesh D’Souza mops the floor with Saul Alinsky’s son in C-SPAN debate
So began the Democratic practice of weaponizing various government agencies and using them against conservative individuals, groups, and values.  Think Lois Lerner and the IRS, Comey and company at the FBI, former Director of Intelligence James Clapper,  Brennan at the CIA, Clinton at State, Holder and Lynch at the DOJ, and so on, and so on, and so on.  “Brutal, uncivil, and intimidating” is putting things mildly.
Which brings me around to Wendy Wasserman Schiff, or whoever, and the AWAN scandal.  You know of it right?  With the massive coverage it has received from the media how could you not?  Just kidding of course – the media has been doing its best to make sure that this atrocious scandal never sees the light of day.
Reportedly around 80 Democratic members of Congress utilized members of the extended Awan family as IT specialists under very peculiar circumstances.  The whole scenario stinks to high heaven – in August of last year the “New York Post” reported that “’This is a massive, massive scandal,’ a senior US official familiar with the widening probe told The Post.”  Uh huh…and just what is the current status of this “massive, massive scandal?”  Damned if I know – the whole case seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.  If you are interested, the link provided after the Stefan Molyneux quote that opens this article will fill you in on the whole sorry saga.
We the people have had it with the stonewalling, slow-walking tactics of the DOJ, FBI, and the rest of the federal bureaucracies.  Time to fish or cut bait, s—t or get off the pot.  Jeff Sessions, are you comatose or what?  DOJ – anybody in there?  Damn, where is America’s justice system?
We the People echo the sentiments recently expressed by Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) below.  If you ask me, we need some blitzkrieg-style surgical strikes combined with an overwhelming surge of “shock ‘n’ awe” justice being dropped on the nest of vipers hissing around our nation’s heart – the sooner the better.  The fate of the republic hangs in the balance, for if America’s rule of law fails, America will fall – and make no mistake, America’s rule of law is failing, big time.
The political elite are not immune from the rule of law, and those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as any other American. If former officials, including Hillary Clinton and James Comey, broke the law then they need to be held accountable. We ask that the Department of Justice move swiftly to ensure that violations of federal statutes by high officials are identified and prosecuted.”
Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

High Funeral Costs Can Kill Ya 

by Rev. Austin Miles            
Bob and Geri Boyd are the knowledgeable and cordial hosts of the radio program,”Issues in Education,” which is aired on stations nation wide. The Boyds’ send me vital information from time to time along with very funny things that give me my morning chuckle.
This, just received this morning, would be considered VITAL INFORMATION. Too often we fail to prepare for things that inevitably come, being too distracted by things of the world. Bob and Geri also have an excellent news letter that keeps one on top of the things that affect us all. For further info, check this site:
             You Can Limit Death’s FINANCIAL Costs 
 This was in the Wall Street Journal and something most Folks don’t know. This man’s wife died and he was shocked by the unknown rules.
There are 5 Things:
 Issue one:   When we opened our own checking and savings accounts, we never named beneficiaries. He had assumed, incorrectly, that our accounts would simply transfer to the other in case of death. The banker who opened the accounts never suggested otherwise.
With a named beneficiary, her accounts would have simply been folded into mine. Instead, I had to hire a lawyer – at $ 465 an hour – to petition the court to name me as the executor of her estate.
I needed this power to transfer her accounts. Filing costs in New York city for the necessary document was $ 1, 286.00   The running bill for the lawyer stands at $ 7,402. 00 and I expect it to rise.
He also needed the documents for the companies that managed her retirement accounts and a mutual fund, because, as at the bank, we never named a beneficiary. By the way, this paperwork also required signature guarantees or a notary seal, which can take up an afternoon.
Issue Two:  The highly charged question regarding funeral and burial. Last summer when he was told his wife would not survive her illness, he tried to raise the issue of burial with her. She refused to have the conversation, but he quietly went ahead and purchased a plot of graves in the cemetery in Wisconsin where his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are buried. That was something he actually did right.
I had to employ two funeral homes – one in New York and one in Wisconsin – for her body to make the journey out there. All told, he spent $ 46,359 to cover funeral expenses, graves, transportation, a headstone and a basic casket.
You don’t want to have to make this decision at the time someone close to you dies.  You simply will not be thinking straight.
Issue Three :  Their health insurance plan covered the long hospital stays and doctors visits. However, shortly after his wife died, he still received bills, even though their deductibles and copay had long since been covered. HE PAID THEM IMMEDIATELY , WHICH WAS A MISTAKE !  He was incorrectly billed and he has been fighting the hospitals and insurance company since January to get a refund, even though everyone agrees the bills were incorrect.  Before you pay any medical bills, make a simple call and determine their legitimacy. Mistakes are constant:  The systems are so complicated, even people in these offices don’t always understand the intricacies.
Issue Four :  His wife had two life insurance policies – one through her work and the other we purchased privately. The former was handled quickly and efficiently by her job and a check arrived almost immediately. Although the insurance company sent me a check for her private policy soon after her death, it took three months of constant calls and emails to determine a refund of the premium he had already paid for three months past her death.  He kept getting wrong information from the company, because the people he dealt with didn’t understand it themselves.
Issue Five : Over the coarse of his wife’s working life- from her first job at a fast food restaurant to medicine-she paid more than $100,000 to Social Security. Since she died at age 60, and their19 year old daughter is one year past the age of receiving a monthly benefit, all the money has simply disappeared into the lockbox in Washington. Nothing we can do about this one.
Finally, there is the major psychological trauma of grief. Most people believe death will never intrude on their lives and when it does, we will be so old and decrepit that it won’t much matter.
Trust him on this, – even when its been expected for a while, it still shocks deeply.
There is absolutely no way you can prepare yourself for the shattering heartbreak of loss. When it did come to him, he found the support of friends, family and faith to be invaluable.
Amazingly, that cost nothing.
Testimony from Warren Kozak

Are We the People Fighting Political Ideologues, Corrupt Crooks, Meanspirited Idiots, or all the Above?

A nation can survive its fools…but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly…[but] the traitor appears not a traitor…he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.  Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)
I used to believe that constitutional conservatives are fighting an ideological battle against political opponents – but I’m not so sure anymore.  It appears increasingly obvious to me that we are in fact engaged in a battle with power-hungry, ruthless, greedy, ill-informed opportunistic morons (sometimes bright morons, but morons nonetheless) – treasonous, self-righteous, scum-sucking bottom dwellers whose pretentions to moral authority make me want to puke.
They wrap their corruption up in fine sounding slogans and rationalizations but strip away the verbal razzmatazz and you are left with naked ugly ambition and greed.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Call it Marxism, call it communism, call it fascism, call it globalism, call it what you will – it all comes down to a power grab by a narcissistic elite bent on ruling We the People using whatever means it takes.  And they have no interest at all in playing by the rules.
Hillary Clinton is guilty as sin, and we the people have been hep to the corruption and coverup for years.  And who is this mysterious former POTUS who goes by the nom de plume Barack Hussein Obama?  He could be anyone, he could be from anywhere.  I am so sick of the abuse heaped on those of us who know we are being lied to and yet are constantly told to shut up and not be conspiratorial.
Well f—k them, and f—k their corrupt lying media sycophants.  They disgust me…as they should anyone with decency, honor, and integrity.  I have been studying the political left for some years now, and what I see is a collection of whiny losers – sociopathic professional victims who lie, cheat, and squirm their way into positions of power where they loudly proclaim their moral superiority for all to hear.  Again, f—k them, I’m so tired of their odious, dishonest, self-righteous bloviating that I could scream.  They lie constantly, and then lie about their lying, and then pout and act shocked when you call them on their c—p.
They celebrate and promote international thugs and asinine government policies with proven track records of ineptitude, failure, and murder.  Where will the next “killing fields” be?  Do these idiots not know how to read?  Have they not glanced through “The Black Book of Communism” (published through Harvard University Press no less)?  Such ignorance!  And they pat each other on the back, give each other “prestigious awards,” and remain ignorant buffoons (dangerous buffoons) trapped within their hothouse echo-chamber of blather and bombast.
They actively seek to harm and diminish America at every turn.  It’s a win/win situation for them, they can’t lose.  If their hairbrained schemes somehow work they crow about their supposed genius, and if they fail, well then that hurts America, which is all to the good right?  Think Cloward/Piven and its numerous diabolical offshoots.
I call bulls—t on all of it, and say it is well past time that we the people stopped treating these duplicitous, traitorous crooks with anything approaching respect, and started acting toward these professional parasites with the disdain and disgust that they so richly deserve.  The corruption in DC is so deep-seated, so pervasive, and so accepted as the norm, that grand juries, trials, and prison time is what’s needed, not more hail-fellow-well-met collegial claptrap.  America is still very much teetering on the brink, and this is no time for half measures.  Time to turn up the heat on all burners.

Why so many military crashes? It’s not what you think…

BUCHANAN: America’s Unsustainable Empire

US military capabilities are hugely overextended

Before President Trump trashes the Iran nuclear deal, he might consider: If he could negotiate an identical deal with Kim Jong Un, it would astonish the world and win him the Nobel Peace Prize.

For Iran has no nuclear bomb or ICBM and has never tested either. It has never enriched uranium to bomb grade. It has shipped 98 percent of its uranium out of the country. It has cameras inside and inspectors crawling all over its nuclear facilities.
And North Korea? It has atom bombs and has tested an H-bomb. It has intermediate-range ballistic missiles that can hit Guam and an ICBM that, fully operational, could hit the West Coast. It has shorter-range missiles that could put nukes on South Korea and Japan.
Read more

Reporters Face Ten Years In Prison For Covering Islamic Truck Attack In Toronto

The most disgusting thing in the bathroom isn't what you think

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?
* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 4/23/18
Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned, but I don’t leave the house without a hankie — and not those little pocket squares the fancy types use as decoration.

A hankie is handy when you’ve got to honk — and it’s even handier in restrooms.
And when you see the latest news, you’ll want to carry one around too, because under no circumstances should you ever dry your hands in the germ-blowing machines that are replacing paper towels everywhere.
It’s not just that they collect bacteria from partially washed hands and provide them with nice, warm, damp homes that are even better than Petri dishes for growing and spreading.
And it’s not just that they then blow those germs right at you when you use the machine (or even right in your face if it’s one of those ugly little “Air Blades”).
No — although both of those are reason enough never to use them, the latest news is the worst of all. It’s so gross that I want to warn you right now in case you’re eating.
Ready for it?
Hand dryers aren’t just spraying any ol’ random germs at you.
They’re spraying POOP germs — right into your hands and maybe even into your face!
In any bathroom — even the one in your home — flushing the toilet creates a “plume” of aerosolized particles. Whatever you’re flushing down also goes up, out and around the room in an invisible mist.
Call it one reason to listen to your wife and ALWAYS put the lid down (and do it before flushing).
In public restrooms, however, there is no lid — so, there’s ALWAYS a plume.
And considering the amount of action some of those toilets see, you can bet that plume goes all over the room.
The new study finds that hand driers seem to suck up and store the water droplets from that plume along with whatever filthy bacteria are in them, collecting them in a “reservoir” of poo germs.
Special plates that collect germs were placed at the hand driers in 36 different bathrooms. After just half a minute, they collected between 18 and 60 colonies of bacteria.
Collection plates placed at a random spot in the restroom, on the other hand, collected an average of just one spore.
The researchers said these germs are generally harmless, just gross.
Maybe for them.
But for older folks with weaker immune systems, a poo spray from a public restroom could be too much to take.
Use paper towels instead… and if there are none available, make like Jack and use a hankie.
Or, at least wipe your hands on your jeans. Just don’t stick ’em in those machines!
Not just blowing hot air,
Jack Harrison

Fresno State Muslim Prof Now Making Terrorist Threats

by Rev. Austin Miles

That well-fed Muslim Fresno State “Professor,” Randa Jarrar, who publicly cheered the death of much-loved Barbara Bush, is now making public terrorist threats against us–The United States–(which is a crime) while this blimp brags publicly; “I cannot be fired because I am a tenured professor!”  Yeah, you go girl. You no doubt will when this is published.
Meanwhile a new video discovered by The Fresno Bee, about this ship wreck PRAISING THE 9/11 PLANE HIJACKERS, whom she called, “resistance fighters,” as well as calling for acts of domestic terrorism against specific individuals….wait… didn’t she cross a line here?
The video shows her discussing Fresno’s agriculture industry, noting that “a lot of the farmers are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid.” Farmers, take note of this.  She also stated that she cannot stand “the white, hetero patriarchy.”
She goes on to ramble in her own Fresno classy professor way: “I don’t give a f—, I’m ‘buying guns. I’m an American (really!), I’m buying gunsThe other side is, like, doing some stupid s–t, I’m gonna do some stupid s—t, I’m tired of, like, being the bigger person (at last truth)–literally am usually–but like, I’m also just tired of the left being, like, f—-ing stupid and being, like, ‘No we have to, like, be gentle…no don’t be f—ing gentle.’
Remember parents, this is who you are paying a fortune to indoctrinate your kids, and what does this ‘tenured’ professor teach? ENGLISH!!!  Yea. we can see that.
Later in the video, Jarrar calls for attacks against someone named Spencer, asking why “Spencer’s house is still standing.  “It needs to be f—ing broken into it. I don’t give a f—.”  (Robert Spencer is an author who writes the truth about Islam)
Mr. President, arrest this dyke woman (as other newspapers describe her), punish her severely and keep her in prison for the safety of our country. You are the only one who will handle this outrage properly. This is why you were overwhelmingly voted into office. The other politicians and D.C. Department heads. including Homeland Security and DOJ are peopled by Muslims and Communists. This is insane!
From this viewpoint, we are seeing America’s stupidity being the forerunner to America’s doom. It is unfolding before our very eyes with no rightful interference from our politicians who belong to George Soros. How can we be so dumb as to see and hear these things and do nothing.
So Mr. President, it is now in your corner. This is why you are now in the Oval Office.
Haven’t you noticed Readers? We are witnessing the closing days of history when it will all be over…the world, the knowledge of the world and… The Bible lays it all out in detail to forewarn us so we can prepare our destiny with God before it happens. Remember,  practically all the prophecies given before Jesus came have been fulfilled….proven to be accurate. The rest will be fulfilled as well in the coming days.
As the former spokesman for Men’s Wearhouse would say–(go to deep voice):
“I guarantee it.”
Again, The Bible foretold these closing days over 2000 years ago, predicting exactly the way the end will come about, along with clues God has been giving us throughout The Holy Scriptures, showing extraordinary events that cannot be overlooked since they are clues showing the end coming closer and closer. And at this moment we are closer than anyone suspects.
No wonder Satan is so obsessed with turning people away from God and His Word. After all, if people do not read the Bible, learn about God and Jesus, they will fail to accept Jesus as their savior thus receiving salvation, meaning being saved, while the devil will delight in taking the biblically ignorant down with him to the fiery pits of hell, where they will live in agony forever.
Satan has his evil army on duty at all times to prevent us from believing in God, ridiculing us for going to church and reading the Bible. Satan wants the souls of every man, woman and child and spends full-time trying to snatch all our souls out of God’s Hand. Don’t let him do it.
This is why the Democrat-Communists have worked so hard to get prayer and Bible reading out of the schools and have done so successfully. 
They have worked to destroy the Church and have his chief disciple, George Soros, order the media that he virtually owns, to always write negative things about Christians, pastors and churches, in order to discourage anyone from having anything to do with the church. This is why there is so much slanted fake news.
And this is carried over to Hollywood that portrays Christians, churches and pastors in a negative light in their powerful persuasive movies that bring realistic emotions to those foolish enough to buy a ticket to see that propaganda.
These movies make audiences sympathize with criminals, murderers and adulterous married couples, along with the sexually confused, convincing the targets that here is where the truth lies based upon the producer’s lies.
In the movies, Bible believers are portrayed as bumpkins while atheists are portrayed as the intellectual caring people. Haven’t you noticed this?
So we see, in these last days, how desperate the devil is to take as many of us down with him as can possibly be snared. Satan wants to persuade people to get away from God, Jesus or church itself. That is why he hates the Church and the Bible that snatches people’s souls out of his hands.
Wait–hold on! Something just clicked!  Satan wants the church and all Christians destroyed. Isn’t that precisely what the Communist Party wants? Of course since they know that a Christian mind cannot be enslaved. And the Communists want the entire world to be enslaved to them.
They are panicked since they have not succeeded in establishing a New World Order, under Communist tyranny, where George Soros will sit on a global throne as Potentate of The World.  And why have they failed to do that?
Because ONE country is standing in the way of the New World Order–The  United States of America!  Americans have so many Christians and churches standing in the way of the “progressive” takeover that it makes the goal nearly impossible.
So the Democrats are actually the Communist Party, which is why they are so active in their attempts to close churches and to actually to make the Bible illegal, prohibiting military chaplains from having a Bible in sight or to read from one, even during military funeral services! And Jesus is not to be mentioned at any time. Beg Pardon?
We of course have proof of all of this…a heavy sponsor of the Democratic Party is: CPUSA–Communist Party USA. They were the force that shoe-horned Obama into the Oval Office.
And it was the DEMOCRATS who are known to have spurred these actions. We mentioned above how the devil had enforcers to carry out his goal to see Christianity abolished. These enforcers also are referred to as Satan’s Angels.
OK, here it comes: Since the Democrats have for years created relentless attacks on Christians, even trying to find a way to close down churches, we now have the correct description of the Democratic Party. They are correctly, yes, CORRECTLY known in the Spirit world as Satan’s Angels.
To vote for a democrat is to openly vote for Satan. I kid you not. This writer feels like the voice crying in the wilderness, pastors, man your pulpits. Readers, recommit yourselves to God. This is your final opportunity to defeat Satan. Begin with defeating Satan’s ‘Angels.’ You now know exactly who those are.
We acknowledge that the Democrats today are not anything like the democrats of yesteryear. Back then they were decent human beings who had character, dignity, and who served the people. That is BEFORE communist infiltrators got in the Party, multiplied and took it over to serve their own ends.
EXTRA NOTE TO READERS.  Do not question my belief in God and the Bible. I actually died in 2003 after a stroke and made the ultimate field trip. Yes it is all real, and by the way, when you do leave your body it is not at all scary. Indeed, there was no fear, but perfect calm and it felt totally natural. So please make Bible reading a normal part of your days. And spend more time in church. Your future eternity depends upon it.

The Truth About the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

1 dead in Trump Tower fire

Tell me this isn’t purposeful sabotage…yep…