Alex Jones Thinks New Han Solo Posters Evidence Disney Is Pro-Gun Control

MSM claims Jones crazy to think Hollywood is pro-gun control as celebrities flock to March For Our Lives rally

Alex Jones is a lot of things – a guy who thinks shooting massacres such as Sandy Hook and the most recent one in Parkland are orchestrated to remove gun rights, that Alexa is an instrument of a NWO panopticon, that the water is turning the frogs gay – and now, it seems, one who is prone to critiquing Star Wars posters.

In a post on his website InfoWars, which also holds articles claiming that weather control is being carried out by the US government, Jones claims that Disney is signalling to audiences that it is pro-gun control by releasing variants of posters from the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie without Solo’s iconic blaster pistol, the DL-44.

Alex Jones


Blaster pistols have been stricken from posters for the upcoming Disney film Solo: A Star Wars Story – 

Editor’s note: As if Infowars has to prove Disney is pro-gun control

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