Democrats Hold Trump Hostage With Spending Bill

One response to “Democrats Hold Trump Hostage With Spending Bill

  1. The Democrats would have never succeeded had they not had a LOT of help from The Republican’s. However, since President Trump sign this bill, here is what I wrote yesterday, 3/23/18. As I write this, President Trump has just signed the so called omnibus spending bill. President Trump, you have just signed away your second term as President, your ability to hold anything of value over Congress to obtain your agenda of a border wall, deporting illegals and doing anything with the DACA issue. I just read that you are demanding that Congress give you a line-item veto. Are you nuts??? What on earth do you have to hold their feet to the fire with??? Nothing, Nothing, Nothing. You have now given Congress a green light to do whatsoever they please. The RINO’s in Congress could not be happier. They have finally defeated you. The Deep State has won. Obama and Hillary are celebrating. We are back to business as usual. Democrats will win a majority in Congress this November (2018) and will win by a landslide in 2020. I guess I should say that you and We The People tried. Right now I am just so disappointed. The fight was intense. But the Populist movement is dead just as Bannon said it would be when he left the White House. May the Lord have mercy on us.

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