Why The Mom and Pop Gun Store Will Always Be the Backbone of the 2A

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The Tactical Hermit

So recently the big news on the gun control front was that the big national sporting goods chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods,would STOP selling AR-15 type Rifles and RAISE the age limit to buy Long guns from 18 to 21 years of age. In true spineless corporate fashion, L.L Bean, Wal-Mart and Kroger (Fred Meyer Stores) announced they would  also be raising the age limit from 18 to 21 for long gun purchases. Kroger went so far as to announce they would discontinue the sale of firearms completely in their Fred Meyer locations. If you have been keeping up, this really isn’t that big a piece of news. Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling AR-15 Rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre.

Listen folks, as long as you put faith in these Corporate goons like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Ed Stack who is reported to be worth a cool $1.2 BILLION to…

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2 responses to “Why The Mom and Pop Gun Store Will Always Be the Backbone of the 2A

  1. I predict that Dick’s Sporting Goods will be bankrupt within five years. I would have thought these corporations would have learned their lesson from what happened to Target over bathrooms. Obviously they did not. Now, having said that, what I would like to see in gun restrictions is just exactly who can sell guns and all related products like ammo and other accessories. If I ruled the world, I would only allow small, individual Mom & Pop stores to sell guns and related accessories. These stores know their clients. If you are not a regular customer, they will more than scrutinize you. The gun store we utilize is wonderful. It is a small, family owned business and they have never sold a gun to someone that was up to no good. They know their customers. I have read that the Colorado Movie Theatre shooter had went to a local Mom & Pop store to purchase weapons and they refused to sell him a gun because they just did not feel comfortable doing so. The sales person just said there was something “off” about this shooter. That would be my suggestion.

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    • Secondly, get rid of every damndable GUN FREE ZONE, and you’ll stop it…other than the Muslims who want to die when they kill. I went into a hospital with that garbage on the door, (GUN FREE ZONE) today and it freaked me out. That means that hospital is a killing zone for anyone who doesn’t obey the law, and there are no concealed carry personnel inside, or guards outside or metal detectors…wait and see…could be the next attack.

      And don’t forget that 98% of the shootings are in…yep you guessed it…GUN FREE ZONES


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