Left Brings Anti-Gun Campaign To Wall Street

Few U.S. investment firms that hold stock in gunmakers responded to calls to divest from industry

Activists on the left are opening a new front in their campaign to undercut gun manufacturers, this time putting pressure on financial companies and pension funds.

Progressives have already seen great success pressuring retailers to limit gun sales, with a slew of chains in recent days pledging that they will not sell certain rifles to people under the age of 21.

Now activists are hoping to deal a bigger blow to gun manufacturers by getting the financial world to turn against them. But the effort could be a heavy lift, with no signs that investment houses will bow to the pressure.

“There are a lot of people talking about it but there aren’t many people taking immediate action,” said one K Street veteran representing financial services companies.

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3 responses to “Left Brings Anti-Gun Campaign To Wall Street

  1. The focus should be on the behavior of people, not the instruments they use, including:
    • More thorough background checks that screen for unstable mental conditions
    • Closer attention to and action by agencies (FBI, law enforcement, etc.) on reports of aberrant behavior
    • Avoid political correctness applied by school boards and law enforcement agencies that hides and fails to report student criminal behavior
    • Apply restrictions to gun ownership by mentally ill or unstable people
    • Train and arm selected teachers and staff in schools

    I do not think restricting gun ownership of folks younger than 21 years of age will work. There are many 18-year-old folks who are more competent and stable than some at age 21.

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    • Don, 98% of all shootings occur in GUN FREE ZONES. Get rid of them, and then all you’ll have left are the Muslims who don’t care if they die…and if we can finally get them deported and stop all this immigration, we could eliminate nearly all of these murders of innocents.

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    • You are correct…shootings are occurring in Gun Free Zones. But too many of the mass shootings are also perpetrated by deranged (not necessarily Muslim or even alien) crazies.


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