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by Rev. Austin Miles
HEAR YE! HEAR YE!  Do not slander The hogs and pigs, wherever they may be. You do that by using David Hogg’s name in vain. Do not associate him with those honorable creatures. They are in no way alike. Hogg’s last name is even spelled differently, with an extra “g.”

Pigs and hogs are great creatures, affectionate, playful and fun. They actually make good pets. Their manners are not the greatest, and they are not good housekeepers, but they have a trait totally lacking in that little morsel of food that has been eaten, digested and deposited into a proper container, even though that lying kid probably was dumped on the ground or a sidewalk. I will ask a layman to give an advanced description,
So please do not play with the Hogg name.Tempting, but ‘no.’ Had to get that in since to associate that Hogg character with them would insult pigs and hogs everywhere. (The writer loves all animals and is a known animal activist so this is fitting.)
Now let’s get this straight: DAVID HOGG WAS NOT A SHOOTING SURVIVOR! He was nowhere near the school when the staged shooting took place. Furthermore, research has shown that he never attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, metropolitan Miami, Florida,  This entire thing is a lie.
It was posted on Facebook that David Hogg had actually graduated more than two years ago, in 2015, from the Redondo Shores High School in Redondo, part of Greater Los Angeles, California. So he is older than he represents.  He is not a teenager. Sifting through all the lies Soros put together for this deed takes time to sort out.
The school principal of Redondo Shores High School verifies this and furnished copies of document proof which have been published.  So I am not just an arm-chair sleuth, but one with boots on the ground.
We have not yet seen any certified autopsy reports from state pathologists nor obituary reports. That’s odd.
Here are the yarns regarding David Hogg. Ready?  He is:
*A 17-year-old student, a senior, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (CNN).
*The son of a FBI agent — the federal agency that is so maligned by President Trump.
*He and his family moved to Florida several years ago, when he was a freshman. Hogg once wrote on Reddit about moving in the middle of his freshman year and how hard it was because so many people in high school weren’t authentic (Heavy).
*Hogg is an aspiring broadcast journalist. He said he was in his environmental science class when he heard the first gunshots, and that they never had an active shooter drill at the school.
*He told CNN that during the shooting, he hid in a closet in the school — where he is a student. He said all he could think was “Tell the story.” So, while the gunman was shooting, the very brave little Hogg pulled out his phone and interviewed people near him about what was happening because “I want to show these people exactly what’s going on when these children are facing bullets flying through classrooms and students are dying trying to get an education. If I was going to die, I wanted to die doing what I love, and that’s storytelling. And this is a story that needed to be heard. … At least our echoes, our voices would carry on and possibly make some action.”
Hogg produced a video he supposedly took while hiding in a school closet as bullets were flying about—so brave, so calm in the midst of a massacre and with the presence of mind to advocate gun control. Really?
But then, there’s a video of Hogg flubbing his lines that he was being coached to deliver ‘for the party’  regarding getting all guns out of the hands of all citizens. We’ve seen that video.
Please contact Robert Runcie, superintendent of Broward County Schools, and ask him to produce evidence that David Hogg is registered as a student at Stoneman Douglas High School. To send him an email, click here.
There is a systematic effort to discredit the David Hogg 2015 Redondo Shores High School Yearbook as a “far right conspiracy theory”. See Business Insider.
And here’s confirmation that David Hogg is a 2015 graduate of Redondo Shores High School. He registered as one on
Below is a screenshot of David Hogg’s page on, showing the time (11:43 am) and date (2/21/2018) when the screenshot was used. Since this all happened, this page has been removed. The page is also archived here.
Click image to enlarge.
Now we know why he was captured in a TV news video in August 2017 in Redondo Beach, California, thousands of miles away from Parkland, Florida.
If David Hogg had already graduated from a California high school more than two years ago, in 2015, that means:
He is not 17 years old, but is at least 19…maybe more….
He was or is not a student at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
He was not “hiding in a closet” in Stoneman Douglas High School during the shooting, filming himself advocating gun control.
Please contact Robert Runcie, superintendent of Broward County Schools, and ask him to produce evidence that David Hogg was or is registered as a student at Stoneman Douglas High School. To send him an email, click here.
Update (March 24, 2018):
David Hogg’s FBI father, Kevin, had worked for a defense contractor that specializes in simulating crisis operations with crisis actors. David’s mother, Rebecca Boldrick, is a proud supporter of abortion mill Planned Parenthood.
Kevin Hogg-David Hogg’s mother Rebecca Boldrick stands with Planned Parenthood
David Hogg was recruited by George Soros as a “useful idiot” (Soros’ own description of those who sell out to him) and was groomed for over a year for this dastardly action.
He was paid by Soros with assurances of an official leadership position.  They next found, and paid the shooter, Nicolas Cruz who had mental problems, as most of those assassins had,  as well as future ones . Mentally ill people crave to do something heroic and be praised. In this the recruited shooter is told his action will SAVE innocent children since it will result in guns taken away from all citizens so they cannot shoot anyone else.  People like George Soros have no conscience or heart. And what a cruel thing Soros has done to the vulnerable mentally ill, to MISLEAD them into carrying out his dirty work.
Here is what we the people must do: Without let up we must bombard our Department of Justice to charge Soros with TREASON and SEDITION. Insist that the U.S. allow Russia to bring in officials and arrest Soros since they have an international warrant for his arrest. Soros owns a lavish home on Long Island in the Hamptons, another in New York State, an apartment in New York City as well as an office there on W. 55th Street. He also has a business office in London. We must ask for world cooperation in nabbing him, the most evil man ever created.
This will be challenging since George Soros owns most of the U.S. Government. Unfortunately most everyone has a price. It is amazing to this writer how cheap any man will sell out his integrity. However, we MUST contact all officials continually,  insisting that the DOJ arrest and prosecute George Soros for Treason and Sedition WITHOUT LET UP until it happens. 
We must also contact other officials. People, if we do not retake our country, Soros will take it from us and unto himself. And if that happens, this writer will be reminding everyone that they allowed this to happen and refused to put a stop to it when they had the chance.
We’re hearing talk about activating citizen militias. Perhaps.  All the problems in the world could cease to be if the Agitator in Chief were removed from society. Russia, are you listening?
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Easter Special: How Jesus might look back at the Cross

by Rev. Austin Miles
(Note to Readers: In the late 1990’s a church prepared to produce an Easter Program, with several chosen to play the parts of those who had been with Jesus during the Crucifixion as they reflected on that event. When this writer was asked to “be Jesus” the answer was no, since no-one is worthy to portray Jesus. It DID seem right to present how Jesus might give His thoughts and what He might say instead of actually pretending to BE Jesus, so the writing began. The reception of it was so strong that it was decided that it be written for publication where it also received solid approval, so much so that it became an annual Easter Feature since in publications throughout the world.)
The world today is in chaos. There are no restraints in human conduct. Absolute values have long been abolished. Good is considered evil, and evil is considered good. And never has The Cross been more offensive to society than it is today. Sin abounds. Any mention of the name Jesus Christ brings contempt and ridicule. His name is blasphemed and many public displays of Christianity have been declared illegal, while at the same time, pagan religions are readily endorsed and encouraged. Seeing all of this, would Jesus have second thoughts about Calvary? How would He look back on his sacrifice today? Think about it.
Prayerfully pondering these questions, this writer speculates what Jesus might say to us today as He looks back to the Cross:
“But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Our time reference is much different in Heaven than it is on earth. If you were to be with us in Heaven, you would see an entire life spin out from birth to death in a matter of seconds.
“This is why coming to earth to face Calvary’s Cross was the greatest challenge I have had to face during my existence. First I had to come under the earth’s time system of seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and years.
“Even more challenging was agreeing to inhabit an earthly human body with its inherited sinful nature. A body that would feel the driftings and currents of the world as well as the pain.
“And it may surprise you to learn that I had to exercise extreme faith to go through with this. Remember, I began my sacrificial life on earth as a baby… a new birth on earth. As a baby I had to be fed, bathed, and diapered like any other baby. I had to learn to take my first steps, learn to understand and speak words, and, experience the growing pains of adolescence.
“The time passes slowly for young people and soon there was such a feeling of distance between where I was at that time, and my time in Heaven with my Father, that it almost seemed a memory that may or may not have actually been.
“And while instinctively I wanted to be about my Father’s business, the Jews in the synagogues would curtly ask, “Who is this boy who asks such questions? Isn’t this Joseph the carpenter’s son?”
“I eventually faced the appointed day… a day where I would take on all the sins of mankind, a day where I would (in a human body) die a disgraceful, excruciatingly painful death while the Roman soldiers ridiculed me and religious leaders mocked in the distance.
“And yet, this was the only way that mankind could be redeemed, saved by Grace, and reconciled to God. Without this sacrifice, all would perish, which had been Satan’s plan since the Garden of Eden.
“My human body was capable of the same temptations and stress as yours. This is why that in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing what I faced the next day, I sweated great drops of blood. And yes, at one point (giving into the body I inhabited), I cried out: ‘Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take this cup from me… nevertheless, not what I will, but what thou wilt.’
“The reality of what I faced was now before me – the unspeakable pain – having to endure all the sins of mankind in my body…to be taken to hell and back, to be ridiculed and to have one of my own disciples betray me… for money.
“I had to call on every ounce of faith I possessed to go through with this. But I had no choice. The world itself was at stake. And my love of mankind was such that I would have none perish.
“As my Father promised me, and, as explicitly detailed throughout the prophecies, the entire event went exactly as foretold, ending in great victory. Lucifer suffered his greatest defeat as the keys of death were snatched from his hands. Death was conquered, giving instead, to all who believe in me, everlasting life with me in Paradise.
“Looking at the world today… a world filled with violence, chaos, sin, unspeakable crimes against humanity… and even seeing those who call themselves My servants cutting down each other and distorting my Word, one could well ask, ‘Was it all worth it?’ If you could go back, would you go through the crucifixion again?’
“Yes I would. I would go through the whole thing for any ONE of you here. That is how much I love you. When you join me in Heaven, you will understand why I would want to share this Paradise with you. Heaven (you will see) is filled with exquisite peace and joy, and a place where you will inhabit perfect heavenly bodies… bodies free from aches, pains and disease.
“On second thought, let me clarify something. There will be one imperfect body in Heaven. And every time you see the nail holes in my hands and feet, and the scar in my side, you will be constantly reminded of how much I love you. And let me add, it was all worth it.
“So come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Rev. Austin Miles

McCabe Lied Four Times To DOJ and FBI – Twice While Under Oath

Former FBI Deputy Director claims ‘confused and distracted’

Andrew McCabe lied four times to the Department of Justice and the FBI – including two times while under oath with Inspector General Michael Horowitz, according to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appearing on Fox News.

This is the first time the public has heard more detail of the circumstances behind the decision to fire McCabe just over one day before he qualified for his full pension.

JORDAN: “McCabe didn’t lie just once, he lied four times. He lied to James Comey. He lied to the Office of Professional Responsibility and he lied twice under oath to the Inspector General. Remember, this is Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI. This is Andrew McCabe, the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page talking about Andy’s office, the meeting where they talk about the insurance policy in case Donald Trump is actually President of the United States… Four times he lied about leaking information to the Wall Street Journal.”

Specifically, McCabe authorized an F.B.I. spokesman and attorney to tell Devlin Barrett of the Wall St. Journal, just days before the 2016 election, that the FBI had not put the brakes on a separate investigation into the Clinton Foundation – at a time in which McCabe was coming under fire for his wife taking a $467,500 campaign contribution from Clinton proxy pal, Terry McAuliffe.
The WSJ article in question reads:

New details show that senior law-enforcement officials repeatedly voiced skepticism of the strength of the evidence in a bureau investigation of the Clinton Foundation, sought to condense what was at times a sprawling cross-country effort, and, according to some people familiar with the matter, told agents to limit their pursuit of the case. The probe of the foundation began more than a year ago to determine whether financial crimes or influence peddling occurred related to the charity.

Some investigators grew frustrated, viewing FBI leadership as uninterested in probing the charity, these people said. Others involved disagreed sharply, defending FBI bosses and saying Mr. McCabe in particular was caught between an increasingly acrimonious fight for control between the Justice Department and FBI agents pursuing the Clinton Foundation case.

So McCabe leaked information to the WSJ in order to combat rumors that Clinton had indirectly bribed him to back off the Clinton Foundation investigation, and then lied about it four times to the DOJ and FBI, including twice under oath.
Meanwhile – let’s not forget, the FBI had evidence from undercover informant William D. Campbell, who recently told Congressional investigators that he collected smoking gun evidence of Russia routing millions of dollars towards a Clinton charity in advance of Clinton’s State Department approving the Uranium One deal. Which McCabe was supposed to be investigating… and which the Little Rock field office took over in January of this year.
Also recall that McCabe’s team, under Director Comey, heavily altered the language of the FBI’s official opinion concerning Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information – effectively “decriminalizing” her conduct. Comey’s original draft – using the term “grossly negligent” would have legally required that the FBI recommended charges against Clinton. Instead, McCabe’s team changed it to “extremely careless,” – a legally meaningless term.
According to documents produced by the FBI, FBI employees exchanged proposed edits to the draft statement. On May 6, Deputy Director McCabe forwarded the draft statement to other senior FBI employees, including Peter Strzok, E.W. Priestap, Jonathan Moffa, and an employee on the Office of General Counsel whose name has been redacted. While the precise dates of the edits and identities of the editors are not apparent from the documents, the edits appear to change the tone and substance of Director Comey’s statement in at least three respects. -Letter from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)
President Trump noted in a March 16 tweet that Comey “made McCabe look like a choirboy,” despite the former FBI Director knowing “all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels.”

Donald J. Trump

Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!

At the time McCabe was fired, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement at the time that he had “made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions.”
“Confused and Distracted”
After he was fired, McCabe said he was “confused and distracted” when he was talking to investigators – four separate times as we’ve come to learn.
“I answered questions as completely and accurately as I could. And when I realized that some of my answers were not fully accurate or may have been misunderstood, I took the initiative to correct them,” McCabe wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.
So it was all just a big misunderstanding, you see.
In the meantime, people feeling sorry for ol’ Andy have set up an “official” Gofundme donation campaign for McCabe’s “Legal Defense Fund,” which raised almost $400,000 in 10 hours for McCabe.

Hilariously, the description of the campaign starts off: “Andrew McCabe’s FBI career was long, distinguished, and unblemished.”
…which ended when McCabe lied four times about leaking to the press in order to appear unbiased after his wife took nearly half-a-million dollars from a Clinton crony.
Good thing McCabe has that legal defense fund!

And Again…

Report: Army Of Illegal Aliens Marching On America

Caravan of Central Americans funneling up through Mexico to cross US border

Sounds like the first line of a movie script based on some dystopian future, doesn’t it? But it’s actually an underreported story from the real world.

I first became aware of this developing tale thanks to a tweet from Nicolas Medina Mora lionizing the work of Adolfo Flores of Buzzfeed. What is Adolfo up to? Take a look.

Nicolás Medina Mora

Follow the great @aflores as he accompanies a caravan of 1,200 Central American migrants as they cross Mexico all the way to the US. 

Flores is apparently on a lengthy trek through all of Mexico with a literal army of migrants from a number of countries including Honduras.
Normally one might imagine that a potential national security crisis for the United States such as this would be cause for raising the alarm. Instead, the Buzzfeed reporter is cheering them on and talking about their “struggle.”
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Police:"IF NECESSARY"…will go door to door to take your guns…(says) "WE ARE YOUR MASTERS"

Florida School Shooting Account FAKE!!

by Rev. Austin Miles
Let’s cut to the chase. Do you actually believe the facts as given of that Florida school shooting? Has anyone actually taken the time to THINK of the glaring problems with the accounts given of the attack as planted by the Soros Communist Controlled “news media”?
What was the purpose of the murderous school attack followed by national protests by CHILDREN?  The purpose is gun control. Meaning all guns must be confiscated from all citizens for, now get this, “the safety of our children.”  Now there is a benevolent switch to the narration. New tactic but very effective.
The most evil man in the world, George Soros, is also an evil genius. He has tried his best to create a reason to strip Americans from their guns by staging killings, but nothing worked.
But to recruit children to stage mass protests against gun ownership in order to protect THEM, now that is indeed ingenious.
And indeed, we are to believe that all these students in that school suddenly were able to arrange and hire buses to transport them to various capitol buildings to demand gun control with the protests instantly exploding all over the country.
Some Communists volunteered their private airplanes to transport students to various cities for protests. Examine this fact. We did.
And we noticed the protest signs that instantly appeared. This writer is certain they were prepared some time before the shooting.
I remember seeing a demonstration in Ferguson and Maryland. The signs were professionally done, thousands of them. Taking a closer look, this writer clearly saw a logo at the bottom of the protest signs stating:
CPUSA-Communist Party USA.
While visiting Italy a communist riot was taking place, destruction, chaos, fights, cars set on fire. They actually had a COMMUNIST party in Italy. We actually have one here, only it is called a different name. Here it is called, Democrat Party.
Then a very articulate, nice looking young man, David Hogg, presumably a student at the school that was shot up, like Obama, suddenly appeared and was immediately a media star appearing on everything. He claimed to be in the school when the shooting took place.

He immediately became the de facto leader of the “spontaneous” movement to demonize private gun ownership in the U.S.
Now let that soak in.
Now, as the late Paul Harvey would say, “You will now hear,  the REST of the story”.
We’ve now learned that David Hogg was nowhere near the school during the shooting. What? Where was he and how did he become the leader and organizer of the protests??  It all came together rather quickly. Too much so.
Something else of interest: It is reported that Hogg’s father is a retired FBI agent. Something very fishy in all of this. Billionaire George Soros owns most of the government which would include FBI men.
By Soros using children to influence personal gun confiscation, by pleading for their own safety, how can most people fail to back them?  Yes, an ingenious plan by Soros.
So how many non-staged school shootings over the years actually happened?
Years ago a school yard shooting took place in Stockton,California. This writer drove there to examine the school yard. By what was observed in the yard and surrounding areas convinced me that this shooting was staged.
Staged shootings for a personal political reason has an interesting history. Wars have broken out over money—there’s a lot of money in war.  Yes, MONEY. What have we become?
In 1898, The M.S Maine blew up in the Havana Harbor. A war against Spain was for some reason desired. Newspaper icon William Randolph Hearst cabled Cuba and told his workers, “You get me the photos and I will give you the war.” And the war broke out.
But here is something little known: It was discovered many years later that it was not a Spanish bomb that destroyed the M.S. Maine, killing 160 of 400 American Soldiers. It happened due to a fire that broke out in the munitions section of the MS Maine. Didn’t matter. Mission accomplished.
Since this Florida school shooting has turned into a national protest, led by children, financed by George Soros to provide a reason to disarm all Americans—and considering his skills, what do you think?

Germany: ISIS Beheading Videos “Spreading Like Wildfire” Amongst Migrants in Schools

President of teacher’s association warns situation is spiraling out of control

The President of Germany’s Teachers Association warns that ISIS beheading videos are “spreading like wildfire” amongst Muslim migrant children in German schools.

In an article entitled Our schools are out of control, Heinz-Peter Meidinger told BILD that the situation in some schools was becoming chronic, with increasing numbers of violent attacks on teachers creating the need for security guards at schools with migrant populations of 70 per cent and over.

Meidinger said that the attacks on teachers were primarily driven by cultural and religious attitudes held by Arab and North African teens who do not respect women.

Anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish children are increasing too as more migrant children carry knives and pepper spray.

“A Jewish girl was threatened with death by her classmates and time and time again there are anti-Semitic attacks in Berlin,” said Meidinger.

Asked whether the circulation of an ISIS beheading video in a school in Berlin was an isolated case, Meidinger responded that such incidents were now commonplace.

“Unfortunately, these are no longer individual cases, not even among very young students at elementary schools. Such incidents now exist at many schools in Germany. One thing is certain: Cruel violent videos in social networks have long since arrived in student life. In chat forums like WhatsApp, movies like the described ISIS beheading video are spreading like wildfire,” he said.

Meidinger said that the presence of security guards was necessary but also “synonymous with a capitulation” and that a massive integration effort needs to be launched to stop the situation worsening. He concluded that the huge influx of Muslim migrants since 2015 “has aggravated the problem.”

As we have previously reported, Islamic migrants having an affinity with ISIS propaganda is not restricted to Germany.

In December 2015, we reported on how authorities discovered images of ISIS flags and severed heads on the cellphones of hundreds of asylum seekers crossing into Norway.

According to the report, after searching luggage and mobile phones belonging to migrants, police logged “hundreds” of examples of “photos and videos of executions and brutal punishments, such as images of people holding up severed heads or hands.”

Last year, we also highlighted how an Arab Christian Pastor who visited numerous different Swedish refugee centers said he saw multiple ISIS flags, heard pro-ISIS music and witnessed staff at the centers trying to radicalize newly arrived migrants.

Earlier this month, a Christian refugee who fled Syria to make it to Austria gave an interview with a German television station in which he explained how he returned to Syria because many of his fellow refugees “openly pledged (allegiance) to Al-Nusra and ISIS.”

“ISIS and Al-Nusra want to destroy everything, even with you,” warned 25-year-old Spiro Haddad, adding, “If you do not understand that, I’m pessimistic for the future of Europe.”

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

3D Chess: How President Trump will use the Omnibus Spending Bill to build the Wall

Our PRESIDENT outsmarted them again!

With Friends Like This Trump Doesn’t Need Enemies

By Jim O’Neill
Geeze Louise, to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and a host of other fair-weather friends you would think that President Trump has started eating aborted fetuses for breakfast.  Get a grip people, he signed a short-term Omnibus spending bill, he didn’t give away the keys to the kingdom.
President Trump remains in my opinion the greatest POTUS to come down the pike since the early days of the republic.  I thank God every day that Trump is president, and consider America blessed indeed to have such an intelligent, street savvy, compassionate, stalwart, and courageous patriot at our helm.
How soon we forget.  Do you have ANY idea what America would look like today if Hillary Clinton and the corrupt globalist cabal had won the presidential election?  DO YOU REALLY?  I seriously doubt any of the sunshine patriots and summer-time soldiers who are so quick to dismiss President Trump’s myriad and impressive accomplishments have any real grasp of how closely the USA came to being killed off for good in November of 2016.
In my article “Trickle-Down Trump” I mentioned that one of the qualities that President Trump possesses is a “an unflagging positive attitude.”  The importance of such an attitude on our individual lives and the life of America as a whole cannot be overemphasized.  The famed philosopher William James put it succinctly: “Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power!”
He expanded on this theme during a series of lectures he gave at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland during the fin de siecle of the 19th and 20th centuries.
The attitude of unhappiness is not only painful, it is mean and ugly.  What can be more base and unworthy than the pining, puling, mumping mood, no matter by what outward ills it may have been engendered?   What is more injurious to others?   What less helpful to others as a way out of difficulty?  It but fastens and perpetuates the trouble which occasioned it and increases the total evil of the situation.  At all costs then, we ought to reduce the sway of that mood: we ought to scout it in ourselves and others, and never show it tolerance.  But it is impossible to carry on this discipline in the subjective sphere without zealously emphasizing the brighter and minimizing the darker aspects of the objective sphere…. (italics added)
William James “The Varieties of Religious Experience” (p. 86, paperback)
So, lighten the f—k up and give President Trump some breathing room.  Save you “pining, puling, mumping” moods for those who deserve it – say Congress.