Was crash of Russian flight 6W703 another Arkancide?

This article covers this entire tragedy and why it probably happened

Fellowship of the Minds

On 11 February 2018, a Russian commercial plane, Saratov Airlines flight 6W703, crashed shortly after take off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, killing all 71 people (65 passengers, 6 crew) on board.

Witnesses said the plane, an Antonov An-148 aircraft, was in flames as it fell from the sky. Russia’s gazeta.ru website cited unnamed investigators as saying the pilot had reported a technical malfunction and asked for clearance for an emergency landing at the nearby Zhukovsky International airport. Other reports said one of the plane’s engines may have exploded before the crash. The flight-tracking site Flightradar24 tweeted that the 7-year-old passenger jet had gone into a steep descent five minutes after take-off, after which it vanished from radars. (The Guardian)

The Guardian maintains that plane crashes are common in Russia, where airlines often operate ageing aircraft in testing conditions. Some recent examples:

  • In November 2017, a light aircraft crashed…

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4 responses to “Was crash of Russian flight 6W703 another Arkancide?

  1. I believe this is a good overview, but when you look at the Clinton’s and anyone who ends up dead who could have testified against them, it always gives one pause.


  2. This plane crash was sabotage. Period!!!! Who did, we will probably never know. Just like we will probably never know about the plane that flew off into the wild-blue-yonder never to be seen or heard from again. So sad. May the Lord have Mercy on us!

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  3. I’m not convinced it was sabotage. At the end of the article it was stated that the relevant individuals were not on the plane. So we’re left with no reason for sabotage. Sometimes, bad stuff really does happen for no apparent reason.


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