The cancer risk you DON’T know about

The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is STILL causing cancer more than 30 years later, and it’s not just smack in the middle of the nuke zone over there.

It’s happening RIGHT HERE…. RIGHT NOW… more than 4,000 miles away!

A new study finds that folks who had simply been in the same region as Chernobyl — even as far as Poland, some 500 miles away — and then left are still, today, developing cancer.

These aren’t just folks who moved a short distance away, either.

The new study focused on a cancer cluster in New York City, where 10 people developed a rare form of the disease called vitreoretinal lymphoma, which hits the eyes.

The one thing that those people have in common is that — decades ago — they had the bad luck to be within a few hundred miles of Chernobyl.

This might seem like a random bit of disaster trivia. You’ve never come within 1,000 miles of Chernobyl, right?

But this is just the tip of a spooky glowing iceberg.

You could STILL be getting slammed by invisible radiation… right now… that triggers the damaging free radicals that pound your cells with 8 billion strikes per second.

Some of it’s from nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl… Fukushima… Three Mile Island… or the dozens of “small incidents” that get no attention. (Don’t even get me started on how little we know about the military nuclear facilities scattered around the nation.)

They can slam you even if you’re hundreds (in some cases, even thousands) of miles away.

But these aren’t the only sources of radiation. They’re not even the biggest sources of radiation.

All over the world — including (or ESPECIALLY) here in the United States — people are exposed to constant low-level radiation from medical screenings, cellphones, microwave ovens, and more.

That radiation doesn’t go in and out of your body quickly like a drug.

It stays inside and builds up over time.

Right now, SO many people are accumulating SO much radiation from SO many sources at once that some of the world’s leading scientists — including researchers from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia University — issued a statement on radiation to the United Nations and World Health Organization.

They’re URGING governments to reveal the truth about the damage of this constant low-level radiation exposure and calling on them to create “harm reduction strategies” to prevent both exposure and the risks associated with it.

They haven’t yet. They don’t even want to talk about it. And by the time they get around to it, it could be too late for many cancer victims.

Fortunately, you can act on your own.

You can’t clear the radiation out of the atmosphere, but you can arm your body to face it, fight it, defend against it, and protect you from the consequences.

Look for a quality defense formula built around essential antioxidants that’s proven to fight the free radicals unleashed by exposure to radiation and other sources.

Fighting back,
Jack Harrison



2 responses to “The cancer risk you DON’T know about

  1. williamjamesward

    Living a healthy life today is a real challenge to mind, body and soul.
    The effort must be exerted and to the extent it is there will be a
    reward in feeling well, accomplishing personal goals and longevity.
    The base of all is to be grounded in Almighty God through His
    Word and faith in Jesus Christ Savior of all who turn to Him. Our
    health is a responsibility that when ignored is foolish and sinful.
    Your health when taken seriously is a light to all who come in
    contact with you and hopefully enhances positive emulation.
    Answers are always found in reading The Bible, healthy habits
    will flow in whoever is under the influence of Scripture and the
    Holy Spirit. Nutrition, biochemical elements in supplementation
    with natural and clean habits of eating can be understood with
    the desire to benefit from teaching yourself, the information is
    available on line, in books and by associating with like minded
    individuals promoting a well rounded life, always avoiding the
    curses of false advertising on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and
    immoral living. Pray, act and receive benefits living within the
    will of God. Stay informed, Christian Zionist will help you on
    your way………………………William

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  2. I agree William, bully and completely

    Liked by 1 person

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