NYT: Climate Change Hysteria Forcing Public to Abandon Families

Global warming propaganda efforts producing desired effect, NYT reports

A piece at the failing New York Times claims people are ignoring the instinct to start families over fears of global warming.

“Add this to the list of decisions affected by climate change: Should I have children?” writes Maggie Astor.


Astor speaks to several women across the globe who’ve succumbed to fears that cataclysmic weather events, however cyclical, will eventually leave the earth uninhabitable for future mankind, causing them to rethink having children.

The article is chock-full of defeatist quotes from poor saps who’ve bought into the whole global warming doomsday scenario hook, line and sinker.

One Washington woman, Allison Guy, says she doesn’t “want to give birth to a kid wondering if it’s going to live in some kind of ‘Mad Max’ dystopia.”

A mother of two in Ohio, Amanda PerryMiller, also refuses to have more children because “The human population is so numerous.”

“Animals are disappearing. The oceans are full of plastic… the planet may not be able to support it indefinitely,” PerryMiller said. “This doesn’t paint a very pretty picture for people bringing home a brand-new baby from the hospital.”

Astor also speaks to a Morman woman, Cate Mumford, to prove “The people thinking about these issues fit no single profile. They come from many regions and religions.”

“I’m so glad I’m not going to bring a brand-new baby into this world to suffer like these kids suffer,” a defeated Mumford is quoted following a trip to China.

A Denver mother of one, Sara Jackson Shumate, 37, also says she won’t have a second child because she can’t “justify the environmental impact of a larger home and a longer commute” to work.

A college freshman is also quoted as putting the needs of “everyone” over her own desire for parenthood: “[I]t’s hard for me to justify my wants over what matters and what’s important for everyone.”

And an Egyptian woman living in Cairo uses twisted logic to convince herself she’s sparing her children pain by not allowing them to exist.

“I know that humans are hard-wired to procreate,” she said, “but my instinct now is to shield my children from the horrors of the future by not bringing them to the world.”

The article’s call to action features a group named Conceivable Future, which focuses on how climate change is threatening reproduction, telling The Times “that the very existence of these conversations should spur political action.”

While Astor’s sample size is limited to nine people, climate change fear propaganda efforts – including from articles such as the one analyzed – appear to be somewhat successful.

And if enough people are scared into “saving the planet” by ceasing procreation, thus reducing the earth’s population, the globalists have moved the token one space closer to their ultimate endgame.

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