Tattletale Dicky Durbin


Tattletale, tattletale
Hanging on a bull’s tail
When the bull has to pee
You will get a cup of tea.

Children’s nursery rhyme

Probably should record future meetings – unfortunately, no trust!

President Trump, in reference to Dicky Durbin telling tales out of school

Most folks dislike a snitch – unless you are a liberal, in which case snitching, leaking, and lying are to be expected, even applauded.

What goes unsaid amid the media’s hair-on-fire reaction to President Trump purportedly calling s—tholes, s–tholes, is the fact that Dicky Durbin gleefully scampered out from a private meeting in the White House and couldn’t wait to tattletale.  “Mom, MOM!  Donald said the “S” word! (ooo, he’s gonna get it now).”

Did President Trump actually call s—holes, s—holes?  You and I know that it doesn’t matter in the least if he did or did not.  What matters to the Left is that tattletale Dicky Durbin said he did, and that’s enough for them to tack the tired, stale, and increasingly trivial label “racist” on President Trump.  Yawn.

The Left has always been home to racists – first to white racists, and now to black racists.  In addition, fascists (including Nazis) have always been a Left-wing ideology.  Anyone with half an unindoctrinated brain knows this by now.  Nonetheless, We the People are constantly condemned as being fascists/Nazis by left-wing fascists/Nazis, and called bigoted racists by bigoted left-wing racists.  Personally, being called a fascist racist by a fascist racist long ago lost any cachet it ever had with me.  Ho hum.

Projection and transference thy name is Liberal.  The main question that I (and many others) have is; is the Left consciously projecting their own sickness onto the Right, or is it done unconsciously.  I suspect a bit of both.

In any event, I recommend that you do not tell any secrets to Dicky Durbin – he tattles.



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