Cancer patients fight back against chemo

Here’s chemo in a nutshell: You get sicker than you’ve ever felt in your life, while your doc gets to cash a big, fat check from your insurer.


You bet it is — especially since chemo is often completely unnecessary.

The only reason it’s even offered in many cases is that insurance check!

But now, patients are fighting back, especially women.

New research shows how breast cancer patients are wising up to this ugly scam.

Docs are still pushing it… but women are telling them right were to stick it.

In just two years, the number of women choosing chemo for breast cancer plunged by 40 percent.

In 2013, 35 percent of women opted for this sickening “treatment.” By 2015, that number was down to 21 percent… and I hope that number is even lower in 2018.

Of course, docs see the writing on the wall. They know they’ve been busted, so they’re also recommending chemo less often these days.

But they’re still pushing way too hard.

In 2013, a full 45 percent were trying to hoodwink unsuspecting women into chemo.

By 2015, that number plunged to 32 percent, and even then, about a third of the women who got that recommendation told their docs: NOT IN MY BODY, BUBBA!

Good for them!

On the one hand, it’s great news for women who are no longer getting this body-wrecking therapy when they don’t actually need it.

On the other, cancer docs can be a sneaky lot, and this almost certainly isn’t the end of their ugly little games.

The study doesn’t show what’s replacing chemo, but I bet in too many cases it’s something just as unnecessary… and just as profitable.

Maybe it’s toxic radiation. Maybe it’s aggressive and disfiguring surgery (including removing BOTH breasts for a low-risk cancer in just ONE of them).

Maybe it’s even the infamous “breast cancer drug” that can actually cause entirely new cancers.

Don’t let them panic you into one of these outrageous and expensive treatments. Often the best treatment of all is the one that won’t earn them a penny, which is why they won’t talk about it.

It’s doing NOTHING.

Many low-risk breast tumors — especially the wildly over-treated “stage zero” cancers — can be safely ignored because they will NEVER turn into a dangerous cancer.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, take some time to gather facts and go over ALL of your options, including the do-nothing option for early-stage cancers.

And always… ALWAYS… get a second opinion, ideally one from a naturopathic medical doctor experienced in chemo-free cancer care.

Kicking out chemo,
Jack Harrison



3 responses to “Cancer patients fight back against chemo

  1. As for me and my body, all doctors and medical professionals can go fly a kite. I have spent the better part of the last twenty plus years paying medical bills and drug bills to keep my husband alive. This has been done at a huge price for the rest of the family. I will refuse all, and that is as in ALL, medical treatments. Just put me into the la la land of morphine and let me go. Now having said that, here is a true story of two different women with breast cancer. When my sister was diagnosis with breast cancer she chose the natural naturopathic route. She died two plus years later. Around the same time a co-worker, whom I did not know well but had had business interactions with, was diagnosis with breast cancer. She chose the complete medical route. There was no medical procedure or practice that she did not do or have in order to survive her breast cancer. She died about two plus months after my sister did. They both had the same type of very aggressive, milk duct induced, breast cancer. My sister was very active and coherent and worked up until four to six weeks before she died. My co-worker was in and out of the hospital, rehabilitation facilities, home health care, private nursing care and was basically an invalid for the last six months or so of her life. Which would way is the best? That is up to the individual. I choose my sisters route.

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  2. In my opinion, you made a wise choice, Cabin 1954! – retired R.N.

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