The New Kids on the Block


The New Kids on the Block

A degree of disorder or randomness in a system…

by Seneca III

       “Most of the crimes which disturb the internal peace of society are produced by the restraints which the necessary, but unequal, laws of property have imposed on the appetites of mankind, by confining to a few possession of those objects that are coveted by many. Of all of our passions and appetites the love of power is the most imperious and unsociable nature, since the pride of one man requires the submission of the multitude. In the tumult of civil discord the laws of society lose their force, and their place is seldom supplied by those of humanity.“The ardour of contention, the pride of victory, the despair of success, the memory of past injuries and the fear of future dangers all contribute to inflame the mind and to silence the voice of pity. From such motives almost every page of history has been stained with civil blood.”
From Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter Four, “The Challenge to the Old Regime”

A New Great Revolt Arises?

Gibbon recognised how clearly history demonstrates that the life spans of Cultures, Empires and even Civilisations are finite and cyclic, that all have an end and a beginning, an end and a beginning which are in actuality one and the same thing.

Hence it is intriguing to ponder if we are now living through such a time, a time when the Ancien Régime must fall before the new, a time when a fresher, younger generation steps forth after decades of tyranny and treachery and says, “Enough is enough, be done with it, for the future belongs to us and we shall seize it,” and thus this begets the question, “Is ‘Generation Identity’ going to be the instrument of these current changed times, or not?”

Generation Identity

Below are some abstracts from a somewhat less than impartial analysis of the movement by the New World Order drones of Wikipoop:

The identitarian movement is a European and North American white nationalist movement originating in France. The identitarians began as a youth movement deriving from the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right) Génération Identitaire…Although initially the youth wing of the anti-immigration and nativist Bloc Identitaire, it has taken on its own identity and is largely classified as a separate entity altogether…

…The movement is a part of the so-called counter-jihad movement, with many in it believing in the white genocide conspiracy theory. It also supports the concept of a “Europe of 100 flags”.

It has been considered white supremacist by civil-rights organizations, researchers of extremism, news organizations, and various governments. The movement has also been described as being a part of the global alt-right…

…In North America the Traditionalist Youth Network is modeled after the European Identitarian movement according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Identity Europa movement also labels itself identitarian. The United States has seen a significant increase in people and organizations affiliated with the identitarian movement after the campaign and election of Donald Trump. Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute is also a white nationalist movement based off the Identitarian movement.

Well, I am of the opinion that these accolades, particularly those from the uncorrupted, impartial academicians of the Southern Poverty Law Centre (cynical old me), means that these kids must be doing something, if not just about everything, right. But you, Dear Reader, must come to your own conclusions.

Hereunder you will find Generation Identity in its many online national incarnations, mostly in English translation if you log in from an English-speaking country, but in its respective national language if you log in from that particular country:

*   I can’t make out where or why these two overlap/intersect or conflict — perhaps one or both of them will tell us? But if it is a case of internecine conflict, which I hope it is not, I would point out that such is always a formula for failure.

And, for the benefit of these young people, I would add a few words of caution. It is said that all revolutions end up devouring their own children, and this may well prove to be a truism if one examines what is currently happening within and without the Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist Ecumene. In human affairs, just as in physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that opposite reaction has been known to morph into the very thing it was reacting to. Both actions and reactions have consequences, and it would be wise of you children to take care not to become a collective Commodus if and when you have taken your future back into your own possession.


       “He who observes the present time
Is likely to fear that soon,
If God does not provide his help,
This impatient nettle
Will very suddenly sting us,
Before it can be brought to justice.”
Henry le Despenser, Bishop of Norwich, c. 1341-1406, speaking of the Great Revolt of 1381

The prevailing situation that made England arise and initiate the Great Revolt of 1381, ‘The Peasants Revolt’, was very similar to what assails us all today. The very structure of society at that time was a flattish pyramid with a King at the peak and layers of acquisitive beneficiaries below all living well off the labours of the biomass of the common man. This pyramid was later well described in a rather nuanced, tongue-in-cheek way by that remarkable preacher and fearless critic of abuse of power, Thomas Brinton, Bishop of Rochester:

       “The heads are the Kings, Princes and prelates; the eyes are wise judges and true councilors; the ears are clerics; the tongue good learned men; the right hand, soldiers ready to mount a defence**; the left hand, merchants and faithful artisans; the heart, citizens and burghers placed as if at the centre; the feet are farmers and labourers as if firmly supporting the entire body.”
Juliet Barker, England, arise! The People, the King and the Great Revolt of 1381, Chapter Two, “The State of the Nation”

…and the problem was that most of the heart and all of the feet were far from happy with this arrangement which eventuated in them violently rising up to cast off the jackboot of Church and State.

** [Today, for soldiers, read politicised (Thought) Police]

However, the Great Revolt fell at the last hurdle because of the drunken hubris of Wat Tyler and the treachery and duplicity of the Establishment of the day — those whose hands firmly grasp the levers of power do not easily change their ways.

[A very adequate 100-minute docudrama describing the Great Revolt and the draconian consequences of its failure may be found here.]

Finally, young people, should you choose to tread this troubled road know this: the future can belong to you because it is your birthright, but you must ruthlessly seize it for yourselves, for those who now hold it in their grasp will not go quietly into that good night. And, if you fail, the modern establishment will show you no more mercy than the King and his beneficiaries did for the peasants of those long-ago days. Do not fall into the trap of trying to negotiate with a defeated enemy, for on that road lies your defeat.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

…that can be halted then reversed and a new cycle commenced, but not without great difficulty and even greater sacrifice.

       “…but such physical and spiritual evolutions are never easy to form or prosecute with certitude, for if they were they would be worthless; thus, nothing is ordained for such warriors on the winds of time other than that the rectitude of their actions will define both their corporeal and spiritual fates. Hence those who do elect to stand firm, their physical and metaphysical faces streaked with the blood, sweat and dust of the battle that is roiling about them, will need to possess a depth of courage and conviction that comes only to the truly observant, having been built upon an unassailable foundation of Faith and its accompanying determinants.”
From ‘Cycles, Cultural Entropy and Faith’, 20th June 2017
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
  Seneca III, in a bloody cold, non-globally-warmed, non-cis-pronouned, non-safe-spaced Middle England on the last day of this the year of our Lord 2017 whilst wondering if the year 2018 will bring us to our epiphany.

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