California Makes LGBT Course Mandatory In Elementary School

Democrats pushing sexual indoctrination on young children

Owen Shroyer presents a video produced by Fox News that details how California has made an LGBT course mandatory in Elementary Schools as part of the left’s youth-indoctrination agenda.

3 responses to “California Makes LGBT Course Mandatory In Elementary School

  1. Again, all thanks to Obama..whom at the beginning of his usurper-age had changed the month of June which was called “Brides Month”, to LGBT Month. Does anyone wonder why?
    Thank God, Trump recently changed it back.
    With O’s 8 years of indoctrination and brainwashing, the leftest twits have continued on with all his crap…removing God out of the picture,teaching Islam in schools, pushing a militant homosexual movement, a genderless society, the teaching of kindergarten children and up about sexual deviants, and transgenderism being normal and good.
    Did you know a new Disney book is on the shelves for parents to teach their INFANTS about transgenderism so that they can make the choice of who they are? We live in one hell of a sick country because half of the citizens are Godless, socialist/Communist, progressives and leftist ignoramuses.

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    • As always your comments are spot on and correct. Thank you and a belated Merry Christmas. Gog Bless you and yours…. FR


  2. Thank YOU FR..I so much appreciate all the informative articles you post in this blog and thank you for your work. My best wishes for a Happy New Year to you, I pray you have many blessings. – Barbara


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