REPORT: EU Planning Own Olympic Team to Weaken National Pride

Superstate plotting unified team for anniversary of Hitler’s Berlin games

Infowars reported earlier this year on EU officials plotting to use the 2024 Olympics in Paris as an opportunity to consolidate power and ‘solidarity’ within the bloc – even planning to fly the EU flag on the medals podium.

“What we’ve tried to do is to see the European flag flying alongside national flags at the Olympic Games and we want to win at the Olympics as Europeans,” said EU Parliament president, Antonio Tajani, in June. “So that’s something we’re working on with the national federations. Of course we want to see the French flag there, the national flags there, but we will want to make clear that this is a European candidacy for 2024.”

The move towards merging European athletes under the EU umbrella was given broader public exposure during the 2016 Rio Olympics when a German PR firm – which lists the European Commission and European Parliament as their top clients – released a version of the ‘medal tracker’ showing the European Union at the top, having incorporated post-Brexit UK athletes into the final totals alongside winners from EU member states.

Despite fractures throughout the bloc that continue to widen, obsessive EU globalists continue to press forward with their agenda to form what many see as a reincarnation of the USSR, with Germany and France spearheading plans to form an EU military and a ‘European Unified Budget.’

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