FRAUD!! Alabama Election CALLED BEFORE Precincts Closed!!

by Rev. Austin Miles


MONTGOMERY 12/12/17–The Alabama Senate Election last night was RIGGED.  George Soros had his Nazi boots on the ground manipulating every part of what was supposed to be a free election.

This columnist was watching a moving graph of the election returns coming in on TV showing the points each candidate was receiving as they happened. The election was finger-nail biting close all the way, sometimes, neck in neck, meaning TIED. This was consistent. Every vote was important.

Then, out of the blue, WITH ONLY 89% OF THE PRECINCTS COUNTED, Doug Jones was declared as “WINNER.” Again only 89% of the precincts had their scores in. THIS MEANS THAT ELEVEN PRECINCTS WERE NOT COUNTED!!

The scores were so close that even one extra precinct could make a difference. George Soros has meddled in this election and again pulled a fraud upon the American people. But this time there will be push back.

Judge Roy Moore has NOT conceded, nor should he. The election was not over when the Soros controlled media basically stopped the free election process and dictated who the new Senator would be. And that would be a man who strongly supports abortion, gun control and open borders. Again, 11 PRECINCTS WERE NOT COUNTED. This is NOT over.

Stop the Presses! It is demanded that everything stop and a recount take place immediately. Otherwise our democracy will be no more and Soros would become Emperor of the world.

After the recount, it is time to charge George Soros for Treason and Sedition. He has tried to remove an elected president and overthrow our government. All the elements are there for the charges to be made. DO IT!

The New York Daily News devoted its front page today by mocking Judge Moore in the most crude way, not becoming a legitimate newspaper…then on the other hand, NONE of the fake news purveyors are legitimate newspapers.


3 responses to “FRAUD!! Alabama Election CALLED BEFORE Precincts Closed!!

  1. Thank you for the post, Pastor Miles. And may God bless you and yours and a very Merry Christmas. In the love of Christ, the reason for the season, Allen.

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  2. Heavenly Father, I come before YOU in the Name of Jesus Christ and based upon your great mercy and grace, asking that every illegitimately placed vote in this and all elections be exposed and nullified. I ask that YOU rule and overrule for the restoration of honest valid election process in America. I lift thanks and praise unto your Righteous Holy Name for hearing and answering the prayers of your people! Hallelujah! Amen.

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  3. Thankyou Pastor Miles

    God helps those who help themselves, so Alabama better get busy.

    But Virginia is also screwed up, and there is no remedy. The Establishment thinks voters are an inconvenience and handle it behind closed doors.

    This kind of electoral abuse confirms the theory that the Establishment is willing to lose elections to stop We The People.
    There must be a way, but posting angry comments and calling in to your Senator ain’t gonna work.

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