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Gallup ‘Most Admired’ Poll: Melania Trump Beats Beyoncé, Kate Middleton

First Lady far more popular than MSM lets on

Gallup released its annual “most admired” poll this week and First Lady Melania Trump beat out Kate Middleton and Beyoncé for the No. 8 spot in the Top 11 lineup for women.

The Gallup news report on the poll only mentions the first lady once but shows her ranking in a graphic.
Joining [Hillary] Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II and Winfrey in the Top 10 this year are Michelle Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, first lady Melania Trump, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Beyonce Knowles. Trump, Haley and Knowles are new to the Top 11.
Haley — who also beat out Middleton and Beyonce to earn the No. 9 spot — is mentioned twice.
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Breaking: The Russian-Gate Investigation Is Over!

Establishment getting ready to back off after Clinton revelations mount

Alex Jones explains how the Democrats’ Russian collusion investigation is falling apart, and will eventually end without unseating Trump.

Weiner Laptop Doc: Assange Warrant Issued 2 Weeks After Swedish Election Leaks Warning

Potentially implicates Obama administration in conspiracy to silence Julian Assange while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State

A confidential document found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop reveals that the United States Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden expressed concerns in 2010 that WikiLeaks would release classified US documents related to Sweden ahead of the September 19 Swedish election, tipping the vote towards the Pirate Party. The subject of the cable reads “Wikileaks: The Pirate Party’s White Horse Into Sweden’s Parliament?”

On June 29, 2010 a US diplomat met with three members of the Pirate Party – which is described in the cable as a “mixture between communism and libertarianism,” yet whose members are “well-salaried professionals, independent from the party for income.” Two of the “pirates,” according to the report, were active in the “youth branch of the conservative party currently leading government.”
The Embassy cable notes the “grim electoral outlook for Pirates” – as confirmed by a Pirate party member interviewed by the US diplomat, “Unless WikiLeaks Saves the Day.”

Two weeks after the cable was sent, an arrest warrant was issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on sexual assault allegations – which was dropped, then re-issued, then revoked again by Swedish authorities in August 2015 when they dropped their case against him.

The emergence of this confidential document (found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and sent while his wife, Huma Abedin, was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff), is disturbing – as it potentially implicates the Obama administration in a conspiracy to silence Julian Assange while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State – not to mention that it could be the smoking gun in yet another clear case of mishandled information found on imprisoned sexual deviant Anthony Weiner’s laptop the FBI’s Peter Strzok and crew must have somehow overlooked.
A brief timeline of events:
On August 20, 2010, the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange over a rape allegation – two weeks after the US Embassy met with the Pirate party and had concerns over Assange leaking US secrets. The net day, Swedish cancelled the warrant. “I don’t think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape,” says one of Stockholm’s chief prosecutors, Eva Finne. Swedish prosecutors did however continue to investigate a separate allegation of molestation, though they felt it was not a serious enough crime for an arrest warrant.
On September 1, 2010, Swedish Director of Prosecution, Marianne Ny, reopened the rape investigation against Assange.
On November 18, 2010, Stockholm District Court approved a detention request for Mr. Assange, who had traveled to London. Two days later, Swedish police issued an international arrest warrant. On December 8, 2010, Assange is taken into British custody and taken to an extradition hearing. Eight days later, Assange posts bail and walks free in London until May 30, 2012 when the UK Supreme Court rules that he should be extradited to Sweden.
August 16, 2012, Assange begins his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London – where he has remained for over five years.
In February, 2016, a UN panel found Assange to be detained unlawfully in the Ecuadorian embassy.
In May, 2017, Swedish authorities once again dropped their case against Julian Assange, with his Swedish lawyer Per Samuelsson told Swedish media “It is a total victory for Julian Assange,” adding “He is free to leave the embassy whenever he wants.”
Unfortunately, that’s not going to be quite so easy for the time being – as Assange faces immediate arrest by the UK for skipping bail in his extradition hearing. Moreover, in April of this year, CNN and the Washington Post simultaneously reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ DOJ has prepared criminal charges against Assange over 2010 leaks of diplomatic cables and military documents.
While the DOJ seems intent on locking Assange up, the WikiLeaks founder has also received tremendous support from certain members of congress.
As we reported last week, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher travelled to London in August with journalist Charles Johnson for a meeting with Assange, where Rohrabacher said the WikiLeaks founder offered “firsthand” information proving that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia, and which would refute the Russian hacking theory.
Rohrabacher brought that message back to Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to propose a deal. In exchange for a presidential pardon, Assange would share evidence that would refute the Russian hacking theory by proving they weren’t the source of the emails, according to the WSJ.
However – when Trump was asked in late September about the Assange proposal, he responded that he’d “never heard” of it, causing Rohrabacher to unleash on John Kelly, who he blamed for blocking the proposal from reaching the President. Rohrabacher told the Daily Caller:
“I think the president’s answer indicates that there is a wall around him that is being created by people who do not want to expose this fraud that there was collusion between our intelligence community and the leaders of the Democratic Party,” Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller Tuesday in a phone interview.
“This would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the American people’s throats so incredibly earlier this year,” Rohrabacher said.
Contributing to the notion of deep-state interference, CIA director Mike Pompeo referred to WikiLeaks as a “hostile intelligence service” in April, calling Julian Assange “a fraud, a coward hiding behind a screen” for exposing information about democratic governments rather than authoritarian regimes. This quite the ironic statement, considering Pompeo used leaked emails from WikiLeaks as proof “the fix was in” against President Trump.
So – while the Swedish authorities have dropped their case against Assange, and the UN says he’s been unlawfully detailed – the UK insists on arresting Assange the moment he steps outside the Ecuadorian embassy for jumping bail on the dropped charges, and the US Department of Justice is reportedly prepared to slap criminal charges on Assange.
Perhaps the establishment is still a bit miffed that the “white wizard” showed the world what’s really underneath the pantsuit, which despite the constant rhetoric of the past year is what ultimately cost Hillary – and so many of her charitable friends – the election.

DHS Announces Program To Illegally Scan American Faces

While biometrics only at certain major airports right now, full implementation of these scanners could cost Americans up to $1 billion, says study

Both Congress and the Department of Homeland Security have never justified the biometric scanners at airports that could cost Americans $1 billion in 2018.

As TSA agents continue to prove their incompetence in the “War on Terror,” the Department of Homeland Security is now allocating $1 billion in taxpayer funding to create a facial recognition program that will illegally scan Americans’ faces.
A study conducted by Georgetown Law’s Center for Privacy and Technology looked at the biometric scanners that are creating an inventory of the faces of individuals leaving the country at airports across the United States. While they are only at certain major airports right now, the full implementation of these scanners could cost Americans up to $1 billion.
The study noted that while the “9/11 Response and Biometric Exit Account” created by Congress has the funds for the program, “neither Congress nor DHS has ever justified the need for the program.”
In addition to the fact that Congress has never provided a reason why the system is needed in the U.S., the study claimed that DHS has “repeatedly questioned ‘the additional value biometric air exit would provide’ compared with the status quo and the ‘overall value and cost of a biometric air exit capability,’ even as it has worked to build it.”
Not only is a government agency pouring $1 billion into a program to increase the country’s security measures even though it lacks full confidence, and has no evidence that the program it is implementing will do so, there is also the fact that the program requires Americans to give up their civil liberties, and it has never been explicitly authorized by the government. As the researchers from Georgetown Law noted:

“DHS’ biometric exit program also stands on shaky legal ground. Congress has repeatedly ordered the collection of biometrics from foreign nationals at the border, but has never clearly authorized the border collection of biometrics from American citizens using face recognition technology.
Without explicit authorization, DHS should not be scanning the faces of Americans as they depart on international flights—but DHS is doing it anyway. DHS also is failing to comply with a federal law requiring it to conduct a rulemaking process to implement the airport face scanning program—a process that DHS has not even started.”

The study also found that the biometric scanners used by DHS are not reliable, and often make mistakes. In fact, “according to DHS’ own data, DHS’ face recognition systems erroneously reject as many as 1 in 25 travelers using valid credentials.” This means that at the country’s busiest airports, more than 1,500 travelers could be wrongfully denied boarding in a single day.
As The Free Thought Project has reported, while the biometric scanners are currently located at the major airports in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New York City and the District of Columbia, DHS has made it clear that they plan to roll this program out nationwide by January 2018.
Sens. Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, criticized the privacy implications, and called for Homeland Security to halt the facial recognition scanning program in a letter to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson:
“We request that DHS stop the expansion of this program, and provide Congress with its explicit statutory authority to use and expand a biometric exit program on U.S. citizens.
If there is no specific authorization, then we request an explanation for why DHS believes it has the authority to proceed without congressional approval. Additionally, we ask that you address a number of our privacy concerns with the program.”
Markey told The Hill that DHS should never have started testing and implementing the biometric scanners without first receiving congressional approval, and the United States Congress should take the time to weigh the implications of the program before handing the department a blank check.
“When American citizens travel by air internationally, they should not have to choose between privacy and security,” Markey said. “The implementation of the Department of Homeland Security’s facial recognition scanning program for passengers leaving the country raises a number of concerns around accuracy, transparency and basic necessity.”

Academic: Professors Must Prevent ‘Assimilation’ Of ‘Whiteness’

‘Preservation of Whiteness’ detrimental to students of color, says professor

An academic paper published by the SIT Graduate Institute calls on educators to “promote racial identity exploration” so that students of color do not “assimilate” into the dominant culture.

The author, Hadiel Mohamed, says her research “aims to answer how educators can incorporate ethnic/racial identity development in the classroom for youth of color who are driven to pursue Whiteness,” making clear as she goes along that she views “assimilation” as an unambiguously negative outcome.
“Historically, our education system has been used as an oppressive tool for people of color,” she contends, attributing the condition to “the lack of representation within adults, distance caused by one-sided material, denial of racial tensions or experiences, and implicit bias from educators, classmates, and administration.”
“The societal avoidance of discussing race furthers the perpetuation of Whiteness as the norm and removes the value of marginalized histories and voices,” she asserts. “We can witness the preservation of Whiteness through immigration laws, the void of ethnic/racial identity exploration in schools, and the mono-cultured representation in classrooms.”
According to Mohamed, “there has been a deliberate attempt at preserving the White race within the United States by racializing our borders” through immigration policies that treat immigrants primarily as “cheap laborers for the country’s economic growth,” such as prioritizing visas for high-skilled foreign workers while restricting entry for refugees.
“Accompanying these laws is the societal encouragement to adapt, conform, and assimilate to Whiteness, yet always being a stain to said purity,” she continues, claiming that such laws “have perpetuated the vicious cycle of poverty which requires immigrant reliance on economic exploitation.”
At the same time, Mohamed notes that because “we silence conversations around racism and race” in our society, white people often lack “the opportunity to learn about anti-racist movements and activists.”
Mohamed goes on to claim that the “trend of racial silence can be witnessed within schools,” where it is “acceptable to point out discrepancies based upon gender imbalances such as having more boys in science courses than girls,” but racial disparities are studiously ignored.
Because school is one place where children “begin to see how society works” and learn “whose behavior is acceptable and rewarded,” she frets that it is also a place where non-white students “begin to normalize oppression,” a process that “forces youth of color to conceptualize ways they need to assimilate to belong within society.”
Whether due to the “implicit bias” of educators or the prevalence of “insults targeting brown and black skin tones, accents, lunch food, cultural differences, parental upbringing, and more,” Mohamed claims that schools “do not welcome anything that veers from the norm,” discouraging students of color from developing a “positive sense of self-identity.”
Arguing that “sources of White superiority come in the format of media, classmates, educators, friends, family, and strangers (even online),” Mohamed states that “when these sources use racial slurs, microaggressions, or ask the daunting question, ‘where are you from,’ the internalization is damaging.”
Even simply identifying immigrants based on their ethnicity, she says, can result in the elimination of “their experiences of discrimination within the racialized environment of the United States.”
To combat this, she posits that teachers must not only “promote racial identity exploration” among students of color, but also “promote White identity exploration for their White students in the classroom” so as to avoid cultivating the perception that white identity is “normal.”
In addition, Mohamed calls for teachers to adopt “anti-racist pedagogy” as a means of countering the “biased narrative…perpetuated within our curriculum, classroom, and educational policy,” defining the term as an “educational philosophy to examine the political and societal injustices enacted upon people of color within the United States and internationally (colonialism and globalization).”
Creating such a classroom atmosphere may include “examining representation within the curriculum,” integrating the curriculum with “lessons of diversity,” incorporating “lessons of structural oppression,” and encouraging students “to change these injustices.”
Mohamed did not immediately respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

Report: Losses From Global Disasters In 2017 Exceed $300 Billion

Losses well-above annual average of previous decade, and third highest since records began in 1970, says insurance company.

Economic losses from natural and man-made disasters have soared by 63 percent in 2017 to an estimated $306 billion, according to a report from reinsurance firm Swiss Re.

The company estimates, insured losses from natural and man-made disasters around the world was approximately $136 billion, up from $65 billion in 2016.
This is “well-above the annual average of the previous ten years, and the third highest since… records began in 1970,” Swiss Re said in its report.
The reinsurance firm said insured losses from disasters have exceeded $100 billion in a number of years.
“The insurance industry has demonstrated it can cope very well with such high losses,” said Martin Bertogg, Head of Catastrophe Perils at Swiss Re.
“However, significant protection gaps remain, and if the industry is able to extend its reach, many more people and businesses can become better equipped to withstand the fallout from disaster events,” he added.
According to Swiss Re, “Globally, more than 11,000 people have died or gone missing in disaster events in 2017.”
The US was hardest hit, including by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, “which have made 2017 the second costliest hurricane season” after 2005, the company said.


hurricane death toll to be recounted as official low figures challenged 

Puerto Rico hurricane death toll to be recounted as official low figures challenged… RT

The economic losses from the three hurricanes will be much higher given the significant flood damage – often uninsured – from hurricane Harvey in densely populated Houston, Texas, an extended power outage in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, and post-event loss amplification.

“There has been a lull in hurricane activity in the US for several years,” said Kurt Karl, Swiss Re’s Chief Economist. “Irrespective, there has been a significant rise in the number of residents and new homes in coastal communities since Katrina, Rita and Wilma in 2005, so when a hurricane strikes, the loss potential in some places is now much higher than it was previously.”

College Liberals Forced To Think Critically For The First Time

I Recommend This Video: — ‘Freedom Rider’



Happy MAGA New Year!

NYC Police ramp up security checks and promise an unprecedented ‘ring of steel’

New York City police are promising a bigger security detail than ever before

Cities across the United States are ramping up security measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve for millions of revelers amid heightened fears of a terror attack.

New York City police are promising a bigger security detail than ever before for this year’s New Year’s Eve festivities centered on Times Square.

Up to two million people are expected to flood the commercial center of the nation’s largest city tomorrow night.

As well, the city’s ‘ring of steel’ – surveillance cameras in high-traffic areas, inspired by the apparatus surrounding the City of London – will be used to assess unusual activity.

The stepped-up security is in response to an attempted bombing in a Times Square subway station walkway on December 11.

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The New Kids on the Block


The New Kids on the Block

A degree of disorder or randomness in a system…

by Seneca III

       “Most of the crimes which disturb the internal peace of society are produced by the restraints which the necessary, but unequal, laws of property have imposed on the appetites of mankind, by confining to a few possession of those objects that are coveted by many. Of all of our passions and appetites the love of power is the most imperious and unsociable nature, since the pride of one man requires the submission of the multitude. In the tumult of civil discord the laws of society lose their force, and their place is seldom supplied by those of humanity.“The ardour of contention, the pride of victory, the despair of success, the memory of past injuries and the fear of future dangers all contribute to inflame the mind and to silence the voice of pity. From such motives almost every page of history has been stained with civil blood.”
From Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter Four, “The Challenge to the Old Regime”

A New Great Revolt Arises?

Gibbon recognised how clearly history demonstrates that the life spans of Cultures, Empires and even Civilisations are finite and cyclic, that all have an end and a beginning, an end and a beginning which are in actuality one and the same thing.

Hence it is intriguing to ponder if we are now living through such a time, a time when the Ancien Régime must fall before the new, a time when a fresher, younger generation steps forth after decades of tyranny and treachery and says, “Enough is enough, be done with it, for the future belongs to us and we shall seize it,” and thus this begets the question, “Is ‘Generation Identity’ going to be the instrument of these current changed times, or not?”

Generation Identity

Below are some abstracts from a somewhat less than impartial analysis of the movement by the New World Order drones of Wikipoop:

The identitarian movement is a European and North American white nationalist movement originating in France. The identitarians began as a youth movement deriving from the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right) Génération Identitaire…Although initially the youth wing of the anti-immigration and nativist Bloc Identitaire, it has taken on its own identity and is largely classified as a separate entity altogether…
…The movement is a part of the so-called counter-jihad movement, with many in it believing in the white genocide conspiracy theory. It also supports the concept of a “Europe of 100 flags”.
It has been considered white supremacist by civil-rights organizations, researchers of extremism, news organizations, and various governments. The movement has also been described as being a part of the global alt-right…
…In North America the Traditionalist Youth Network is modeled after the European Identitarian movement according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Identity Europa movement also labels itself identitarian. The United States has seen a significant increase in people and organizations affiliated with the identitarian movement after the campaign and election of Donald Trump. Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute is also a white nationalist movement based off the Identitarian movement.

Well, I am of the opinion that these accolades, particularly those from the uncorrupted, impartial academicians of the Southern Poverty Law Centre (cynical old me), means that these kids must be doing something, if not just about everything, right. But you, Dear Reader, must come to your own conclusions.

Hereunder you will find Generation Identity in its many online national incarnations, mostly in English translation if you log in from an English-speaking country, but in its respective national language if you log in from that particular country:

*   I can’t make out where or why these two overlap/intersect or conflict — perhaps one or both of them will tell us? But if it is a case of internecine conflict, which I hope it is not, I would point out that such is always a formula for failure.

And, for the benefit of these young people, I would add a few words of caution. It is said that all revolutions end up devouring their own children, and this may well prove to be a truism if one examines what is currently happening within and without the Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist Ecumene. In human affairs, just as in physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that opposite reaction has been known to morph into the very thing it was reacting to. Both actions and reactions have consequences, and it would be wise of you children to take care not to become a collective Commodus if and when you have taken your future back into your own possession.


       “He who observes the present time
Is likely to fear that soon,
If God does not provide his help,
This impatient nettle
Will very suddenly sting us,
Before it can be brought to justice.”
Henry le Despenser, Bishop of Norwich, c. 1341-1406, speaking of the Great Revolt of 1381

The prevailing situation that made England arise and initiate the Great Revolt of 1381, ‘The Peasants Revolt’, was very similar to what assails us all today. The very structure of society at that time was a flattish pyramid with a King at the peak and layers of acquisitive beneficiaries below all living well off the labours of the biomass of the common man. This pyramid was later well described in a rather nuanced, tongue-in-cheek way by that remarkable preacher and fearless critic of abuse of power, Thomas Brinton, Bishop of Rochester:

       “The heads are the Kings, Princes and prelates; the eyes are wise judges and true councilors; the ears are clerics; the tongue good learned men; the right hand, soldiers ready to mount a defence**; the left hand, merchants and faithful artisans; the heart, citizens and burghers placed as if at the centre; the feet are farmers and labourers as if firmly supporting the entire body.”
Juliet Barker, England, arise! The People, the King and the Great Revolt of 1381, Chapter Two, “The State of the Nation”

…and the problem was that most of the heart and all of the feet were far from happy with this arrangement which eventuated in them violently rising up to cast off the jackboot of Church and State.

** [Today, for soldiers, read politicised (Thought) Police]

However, the Great Revolt fell at the last hurdle because of the drunken hubris of Wat Tyler and the treachery and duplicity of the Establishment of the day — those whose hands firmly grasp the levers of power do not easily change their ways.

[A very adequate 100-minute docudrama describing the Great Revolt and the draconian consequences of its failure may be found here.]

Finally, young people, should you choose to tread this troubled road know this: the future can belong to you because it is your birthright, but you must ruthlessly seize it for yourselves, for those who now hold it in their grasp will not go quietly into that good night. And, if you fail, the modern establishment will show you no more mercy than the King and his beneficiaries did for the peasants of those long-ago days. Do not fall into the trap of trying to negotiate with a defeated enemy, for on that road lies your defeat.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

…that can be halted then reversed and a new cycle commenced, but not without great difficulty and even greater sacrifice.

       “…but such physical and spiritual evolutions are never easy to form or prosecute with certitude, for if they were they would be worthless; thus, nothing is ordained for such warriors on the winds of time other than that the rectitude of their actions will define both their corporeal and spiritual fates. Hence those who do elect to stand firm, their physical and metaphysical faces streaked with the blood, sweat and dust of the battle that is roiling about them, will need to possess a depth of courage and conviction that comes only to the truly observant, having been built upon an unassailable foundation of Faith and its accompanying determinants.”
From ‘Cycles, Cultural Entropy and Faith’, 20th June 2017
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
  Seneca III, in a bloody cold, non-globally-warmed, non-cis-pronouned, non-safe-spaced Middle England on the last day of this the year of our Lord 2017 whilst wondering if the year 2018 will bring us to our epiphany.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.