Shock Video: WWII Vet Calls For Help, Dies As Nurses Laugh

Shock Video: WWII Vet Calls For Help, Dies As Nurses Laugh

Hidden cam footage shows nurses failing to take life-saving measures and laughing as they tried to start an oxygen machine

One response to “Shock Video: WWII Vet Calls For Help, Dies As Nurses Laugh

  1. The video clearly shows the patient used his emergency button several times, but the story doesn’t make this clear. Some elderly patients forget about the call button and only shout out a call for help (I’ve witnessed this). My mom was in assisted living, and a black caregiver from Africa mixed up some meds and gave my mom another patient’s meds. I arrived to find the room a mess and asked what happened. I was told they had to get my mom to vomit because of the mix-up. I should have filed a complaint with the state, because they didn’t fire this aide or discipline her. The administrator told me the law did not require them to inform me (the family) of this potentially fatal mistake. If I had not come to visit in the morning and they had had time to clean up the room, I never would have found out. This administrator did enough other shoddy things that she ended up being fired a few months later. Even so, if we want our loved ones to survive the care of caregivers who might be legally qualified but not morally qualified, we need to have such a camera in place or spend hours with the loved one to make sure they are getting adequate care. We need to do a thorough check on the administrators etc. I did a check of complaints made to the state agency supervising this facility, but most are about the food, nothing really substantial, so it’s hard to find out if these kinds of incidents are going on.


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