Clueless Pelosi: Focus On Rigging Of 2016 Primaries ‘Almost Waste Of Time’

House Minority Leader unaware Clinton destroying Democratic Party

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  1. Pelosi says “I haven’t read her book.” Yeah, Nancy, you didn’t read the Obamacare bill either, just so hard to read all those words. Of course, you have staff that can read these things for you and then put them into little pictures that you can understand, so you really have no excuse. Silly little voters like me though, could at least find the bill online and skim it, But you’d rather pass the bill so you can find out what was in it. So now you use the excuse that it’s just kind of a waste of time. Well, Nancy that kind of sums up your whole place in the govt which US taxpayers fund – your place in the govt is a big waste of time.

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