Could you get cancer from your tap water?

Your water… SAFE?

Don’t bet your life on it!

A new report claims American water is safer than ever, with new regulations calling for lower levels of arsenic already saving lives.

Just one problem: The feds made the same claim not too long ago, even BEFORE they dropped those levels!

How can both statements possibly be true?

It’s simple. They CAN’T be true.

About a decade ago, the feds quietly lowered the allowable levels of this toxic compound in the drinking water.

They claimed the levels didn’t NEED to be lowered but were lowering them anyway because… well, who knows? Maybe just for fun.

Now, a new report claims that arsenic levels in the urine of the typical American have dropped by an average of 17 percent since the new rules were put into place in 2006.

That’s led to 200 fewer cases of lung and bladder cancer a year, the study says.

That right there is rock-solid proof that the old levels were anything but safe — and those are just two of the risks linked to arsenic exposure. Even at low levels — even at the levels STILL in the water — arsenic can lead to cancers of skin, kidneys, and liver and damage the nervous, respiratory, and immune systems.

And that’s just ONE of the chemicals flowing from your tap!

U.S. drinking water is a toxic soup loaded with antibiotics, fuel residue, metals, and more. There are so many hormones in the waterways now that fish and frogs are spontaneously changing genders.

And that’s not even getting into the stuff DELIBERATELY put into the water, like chlorine — which can make your faucet smell like a swimming pool — and fluoride.

A few years back, the feds quietly lowered the allowable levels of fluoride. Same deal as with the arsenic — they claimed that the old levels weren’t dangerous and they were just trying to be precautionary.

Yeah, right.

You can bet that just like with arsenic, there will be a report in a few years noting how many lives were saved by the lower fluoride levels.

So much for safe!

It’s time to stop counting on them and take matters into your own hand to get safe, clean water free of hormones, chemicals, metals, drugs, and more.

Don’t waste your time or money on those little faucet and pitcher filters. They’re not up to the job.

You need to break out the big guns — and when it comes to cleaning up water, there is nothing bigger or better than reverse osmosis. Have the filtration system installed where the water enters your home to ensure that every tap is protected.

Turning off the tap,
Jack Harrison

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