The biggest myth about supplements… BUSTED!

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 10/30/2017

Supplements? You might as well mention voodoo to some mainstream docs.

Tell them you’re taking a tried-and-true natural therapy like fish oil, and he’ll act is if you’re on bat’s breath and eye of newt.

He’ll WARN you about nonexistent dangers. He’ll URGE you to take only the meds he prescribes and nothing else. And he’ll even LIE right to your face with the lamest claim of all.

He’ll say you can’t trust supplements because they’re “not regulated” by the FDA.

Well, friend, if your doc is feeding you that tired old line, I’ve got an FDA bulletin you need to share with him… because it PROVES that the agency not only keeps tight control over supplements… but quickly takes action when it finds anything amiss.

The agency claims a supplement maker in California with links to China isn’t following the industry-standard good manufacturing practices.

And as a result, the FDA shut the entire operation down.

That’s right. SHUT DOWN.

Doesn’t sound unregulated to me!

The suit filed by the feds over the case states that this company “failed to ensure the finished product met federal guidelines specifying the products’ purity, strength, and composition,” according to Law360.

The company also failed to test products to ensure compliance with the law, the suit states.

How can anyone possibly make the claim that supplements are unregulated with a straight face after reading that?

Clearly, there’s a LONG list of federal regulations, including guidelines for “purity, strength, and composition” as well as requirements for testing, and the suit admits it.

And if you fall short, the FDA WILL come after you and shut you down.

A statement released by the agency even admitted that it is “responsible for the safety and security” of dietary supplements, among other things.

Think about that next time some TV talking head tries to trash supplements by claiming they’re unregulated.

Meanwhile, drug makers — the ones who are supposedly regulated — get away with just about anything. The feds often leave meds on the market for YEARS, even when risks come to light and even when the drugs are linked to actual deaths.

Don’t give in to the fear-mongering.

If your own doctor treats supplements like witchcraft, seek the advice of an experienced naturopathic physician who knows when you might need meds — and, more importantly, when supplements will do the job just fine.

Obviously, there are bad players in any industry, even natural medicine, so do your homework… don’t trust shady, fly-by-night firms… and only do business with companies you know and trust.

Proudly unregulated,
Jack Harrison

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